Friends actor Rachel’s mom recalls Sweet Matt LeBlanc’s set story


Marlo Thomas, who played Rachel’s mom Sandra on Friends, shares a sweet and funny memory with Matt LeBlanc from the set of the hit sitcom.

friends Guest star Marlo Thomas recalls a sweet story with Matt LeBlanc. Thomas appeared in three episodes of the groundbreaking sitcom, playing Rachel’s mother. In her role as Sandra Greene, Thomas primarily shared scenes with Jennifer Aniston that explored their loving but sometimes contentious mother-daughter relationship. But when she showed up, Sandra also mistook it for Monica (Courteney Cox) and Joey (LeBlanc). Actually in the friends In Season 2’s The One with the Two Parties, Joey memorably plants a kiss on Sandra — leaving her stunned but deeply grateful.


In comments to diversity, Thomas speaks about her time as Sandra. The actor who also memorably played Ann Marie on the sitcom This girlsays it was a lot of fun to be there friends and mentioned filming with LeBlanc. In the scene, Rachel tries to stop her embittered parents from crossing paths. In a last ditch attempt to avoid their clash, Joey kisses Sandra to distract her. In the quote below, Thomas recalls how LeBlanc tried to make her comfortable with the big scene:

“We’re about to cross paths and Joey grabs me and kisses me. I went limp in his arms like I hadn’t been kissed like this in 100 years. It was very funny. Matt was so sweet because when we were about to shoot it he said, ‘I’m really sorry Marlo, but I really have to kiss you now.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’ll try to get through this.’”

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How the Friends cast shared the spotlight with guest stars

The cast of Friends pose for a promotional photo.

When it became one of the hottest comedies on TV, friends attracted a number of big names. Some were part of episode-long arcs. Others portrayed subjects that only came up briefly. Though some guest actors were a little afraid of joining such an established juggernaut of a series that friends Cast and writers were always careful to leave space to ensure the newcomers had their moments to shine. Because of this, multiple guest stars make up some of these friends‘ most memorable sequences. That didn’t just apply to the celebs who showed up.

Especially in the early seasons of friends, the NBC comedy allowed its six main characters to have rich relationships outside of the main cast. For example, Tom Selleck’s Richard actually appeared to be a viable endgame contender for Monica, adding to the emotions when they broke up. Janice (Maggie Wheeler) was more of a full character than a simple inconvenience that Chandler encountered. Carol (Jane Sibbett) was an active part of Ross’ life as the mother of his child.

It is questionable whether the last half of friends needed this outside world just as much. Perhaps, as it neared its conclusion with surprisingly little certainty as to whether it would be renewed due to contract negotiations involving the six leads, the writers understandably felt it was more important to keep the titular group in a good place. There wasn’t as much focus on other areas. Quiet, friends undoubtedly shone in his willingness to let guests like Thomas play in the sandpit and link up with the main ensemble.

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