Friends alum’s photos could trigger a single brain neuron


Jennifer Aniston has been recognized for her beauty and talent, and there could be some scientific explanation backing her longevity in the showbiz industry. TikTok has just discovered “Jennifer Aniston Neuron” – a single brain cell that is activated by simply looking at it friends Alum photos.

Jennifer Aniston’s neuron activates at least one brain cell

Jennifer Aniston made headlines with her fashion and style. Her “The Rachel” hairstyle from the NBC sitcom friends is still popular today.

However, Aniston has more to offer than her hairstyle. According to neuroscientist Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, who was then working at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, in a study published in 2015, Aniston’s image alone sparked a significant response to other famous and non-famous faces, landmarks, and animals or objects. However, the subjects did not respond to Aniston’s picture with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

TikToker and neuroscientist Dr. Ben Rein spoke about the study on the social media platform.

“If you know who Jennifer Aniston is, you probably have a Jennifer Anniston neuron like this one, but that one neuron isn’t in the exact same place in every brain,” Rein said on TikTok.

“There are probably several, maybe hundreds, of cells that encode information about Jennifer Anniston, and that cell is likely to interact with those cells. [The] The brain is not quite simple enough where it says one cell for one thing. Neuroscience can be pretty cool. “

Palo Alto, a California-based scientist, also mentioned the same study in another clip posted on the New York Post. According to Alto, there is scientific evidence that there is likely to be a neuron, a cell in your brain activated by all of these photos, “he said, while photos of Aniston flash in the background.

Aniston’s rep did not give an immediate response when asked for comments on the issue.

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Jennifer Aniston Said friends Seeing again was brutal

Meanwhile, Aniston talked about the time when she met her again friends Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc co-stars for HBO Max’s Friends: The goodbye. She admitted that while fans were excited to see them all back together on one screen, it really wasn’t easy for everyone to see them again, her said Robe Lowe.

She admitted it was nostalgic because a lot of things have already changed. She admitted that they went to different streets, so she went to this one friends Set was “brutal”. To make matters worse, there were cameras everywhere and she couldn’t stop crying.

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