Friends: Chandler Bing’s 10 Greatest Fears, Ranked


Corresponding NewsMonkeyDirector James Burrows recently revealed the advice he gave to the cast of friends who shaped her performances, including Matthew Perry, whose character Chandler Bing is considered the breakout character in Friends. Chandler’s Character traits and quirks proved to be a huge hit with fans, and his tendency to freak out about various things was also notable on the series.

The character’s fears range from attachment to a woman to the possibility of losing Monica. Although Chandler is best known for his sarcasm, it’s interesting to learn more about him given his fears. Fans will realize how complex his personality is after learning these facts.


10 To be put on the spot

Chandler zips his pants in Friends

Many fans feel that Chandler is like a walking meme friends, with many of his antics leading to hilarious pitfalls. These usually result from his fear of being left in place, leading Chandler to babble and dig a deeper hole.

You saw that in times like when he was transferred to Tulsa without realizing it and wouldn’t admit to a room full of people that he had fallen asleep. Chandler also claimed that he “could die” when Monica urged him to ask Kathy out, as he felt posing like that was a particularly scary idea.

9 That there are differences of opinion among His loved ones

Joey signs up for help with Friends

Chandler is afraid of reliving his parents’ divorce, which had a severe impact on his life and insecurity. Seeing his friends as his new family made him afraid of being forced to watch them destroy their relationships and social group.

Chandler’s inability to cope with this anxiety led him to turn to smoking cigarettes after Ross and Rachel broke up. He became addicted to them to quell the fears he had from the acrimonious situation the friends were in.

8th Being around a dog

An episode dedicated to someone who is afraid of a dog is a plot that few shows feature friends could have done. But then Chandler’s fear of dogs showed when he revealed that he was so obsessively afraid of them that he lied about allergies for several years.

Although surprisingly overcoming his fear of the one Phoebe had picked up, Chandler later became afraid of dogs again. He went so far as to claim that Mike’s dog, Chappy, could sense his fear and would attack his exposed neck. Chandler also envisioned having a pet cat in his family home because he didn’t want anything to do with dogs.

7 That someone is mad at him

Chandler goes to great lengths to make sure those around him are happy, especially around him. When confronted about leaking secrets, Chandler openly admitted that he did so because it made people like him. Chandler was also downright afraid of being around an angry person.

Fearing such a confrontation, Chandler promoted his secretary when she was about to be fired and pretended to be in a relationship with Joey’s sister to avoid the wrath of Joey’s family. Of course, he often had to embarrassingly bring that fear to life.

6 Meet Janice

Chandler and Janice at the airport in Friends

There are certain things friends Fans don’t like Chandler, one of which is the way he treats Janice like a vile person. The fandom finds her charming, but Chandler felt the exact opposite, so much so that he was terrified of meeting her every time.

Chandler was so scared of meeting Janice that he pretended to be moving to Yemen so he wouldn’t have to be in contact with her. He even went so far as to actually fly to Yemen when he couldn’t shake her. Chandler was terrified of Janice moving into his and Monica’s new home and had to concoct an elaborate lie to make her change her mind.

5 Losing your closest friends

There were times in friends when Chandler did bad things to Joey, Ross and the rest of the group. These are generally harmless, but Chandler has occasionally crossed the line. He is careful not to do this again for fear of losing his friends.

This was best seen when he locked himself in a box to make amends with Joey for kissing Kathy, along with other occasions such as attempting to kiss Ross to apologize for his work deleted from his computer. Chandler grew up friendless and doesn’t want to confront the thought of being friendless again.

4 That people underestimate him like he underestimates himself

Chandler looks sad in Friends

Chandler makes various remarks about himself as part of his self-deprecating humor. Although he has a low opinion of his self-worth, he is afraid that others will see him the same way. This became clear when Ross and Rachel claimed they wouldn’t feel comfortable making Chandler Emma’s sole guardian, which left him depressed.

Chandler doesn’t allow anyone to reference his flows by citing them himself. Inwardly, he is afraid that others will think little of him, which increases his insecurities. He craves outside validation and fears that the world might underestimate him as much as he fears.

3 To make a commitment

Chandler Bing shows off his laptop at Central Perk in Friends

Although he finally got over that fear by the end of the series, commitment was for most of Chandler’s main problem friends. The reason for this had to do with his parents’ terrible marriage, which Chandler had to go through and convinced him that all relationships were a power struggle.

Chandler has broken up with past girlfriends for hilarious reasons or at the first sign of a fight, and later realized that was the reason he was alone. His commitment anxiety even threatened his marriage to Monica when Chandler freaked out over the reality of being a married man and the possibility that he might screw it up.

2 screwing things up with Monica

Chandler watches Monica in

Monica was the only woman who tolerated Chandler’s commitment issues, and he shifted his fears to the idea of ​​ruining their relationship. This took hilarious turns, such as him proposing to Monica just so they could make up for a silly argument, along with the fear of Monica’s anger.

It took him a long time to entertain the idea of ​​marriage, as Chandler was afraid that if they were pinned on, Monica might find flaws in him that she didn’t like. Luckily for him, Monica understood his issues and Chandler made steady progress in their relationship. But his fear remained, as seen when he was threatened by a man who could make Monica laugh louder than he could.

1 That Richard steals Monica from him

Richard talks to Monica and Chandler in Friends

Richard might rank as Chandler’s greatest fear because of his great insecurity about not being able to keep up with him. Having once idolized Richard himself, Chandler became terrified of the size of the hitch to the former and the possibility of Monica returning to Richard.

Even after he was out of the picture for good, Chandler routinely brought Richard up against Monica, suspecting that she might compare the two. Funnily enough, Chandler openly admitted that he was afraid of Richard and afraid to confront him. To his credit, Chandler has managed to live with that fear without hurting his relationship with Monica.

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