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Friends of Sinners development director Jordan Wilson will be featured on the 700 Club, a national Christian radio program.

The 700 Club first aired in 1966. It will be hosted by televangelist Pat Robertson.

Friends of Sinners is a Christ-centered, long-term substance restoration program that hosts its residents for 12-18 months.

Wilson sobered up from drug addiction and became a Christian on March 27, 2016 after his father invited him to church.

Every year on March 27th, he posts his story on Facebook in hopes of inspiring others who may be struggling with a similar situation.

His 2021 post went viral, garnering nearly 100,000 shares. A producer from the 700 Club saw the post and reached out in May, interested in telling Wilson’s story.

“They said it was too good not to share,” Wilson said.

Wilson spoke to the producer about his story and was told he would be in touch when his story was featured.

Within a week he learned that he had been selected.

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“I couldn’t believe it,” Wilson said.

The producer and a film crew went to Wilson’s home in Henderson on January 11 to film.

“I’m just so overwhelmed that this is happening,” he said.

Wilson hopes his story will inspire people struggling with addiction.

“Drug addiction is no joke,” he said. “People die every day. It’s so important for people to see someone breaking out of drug addiction.”

Wilson also recently published a book detailing his story, Jesus > Drugs, which will also appear on the show.

His episode will air Easter week, Wilson said.

“I’m so happy that my story brings hope to people,” he said.


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