Friends of the Robert Crown Center will donate an additional $ 600,000 to City of Evanston


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Friends of Robert Crown Center (FRCC) announced Monday, November 15, that they have paid the City of Evanston an additional $ 600,000 for the new Robert Crown Community Center, bringing the total to $ 9.837 million in cash elevated.

“With the generosity of our nearly 1,400 donors, Friends of the Robert Crown Center is proud to transfer an additional US $ 600,000 to the City of Evanston. People love the award-winning Robert Crown Community Center, and our promise just keeps getting bigger. We celebrate that we have met our initial pledge of $ 10 million and continue to increase our target of $ 15 million, “said Daniel Stein, President of the FRCC, in a press release.

Firefighters attend the September 11th Block Party at the Robert Crown Community Center. (Photo by Heidi Randhava)

With this additional payment, FRCC will have transferred the entire $ 6 million portion of direct construction costs for the new community center plus an additional $ 3.837 million in bond payments, enough to cover almost all of the city’s debt payments to date.

In all, FRCC raised $ 14.2 million in donations and pledges for the new Robert Crown Community Center, including working with Senator Laura Fine and Representatives Robyn Gabel and Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz to raise $ 1.5 million To win dollars from Governor JB Pritzker’s capital account for 2019. The state has already transferred $ 750,000 from this capital account to the City of Evanston, bringing the total revenue generated through the FRCC’s efforts to nearly $ 10.6 million.

The American Public Works Association named the Robert Crown Center and Library the Project of the Year 2021 for structures in the $ 25 million to $ 75 million category, its highest national award. This is the first time the city of Evanston has won the association’s highest national award, which it shares with no other parish in the country.

Source: Friends of the Robert Crown Center

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