Friends Quiz: Who Am I?


While Friends, the ’90s hangout show, is a true ensemble in which each main character is just as important as the other, a lot of couples seem to be on an equal footing: Joey and Chandler, Monica and Rachel, Chandler and Ross as a couple are much more present than, for example, Joey and Monica, who have much less in common (mostly Essen and Chandler?).

Now let’s put the guy-guy and girl-girl duos aside and turn our attention to the platonic guy-girl trios. Joey, Chandler and Phoebe. The personalities of these three stand out the strongest and funniest. With a stupid but lovable womanizer in Joey, a sarcastic, awkward romantic in Chandler, and an outrageously eccentric best friend in Phoebe, the three fall far out of the ordinary but fit perfectly into the BFF’s hole in our hearts.

Whenever the three of them shared the screen, their personalities would bounce off each other in the funniest and most imaginable way, allowing audiences to develop a special bond with this unique trio. And as memorable as all of her special moments are, it’s hard to remember all of these funny, silly times, even for die-hard fans.

So, let’s put this connection to the test and see if you can tell these three weird fools apart, apart from one sentence, about their lives.


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