Friends star Courteney Cox thinks she’s a cleaner man than Monica


Courteney Cox reveals that she’s cleaner than her iconic Friends character, Monica Geller, and inspired that personality trait in the role.

friends Star Courteney Cox thinks she’s a bigger cleaning freak than Monica. The actress played the beloved character Monica Geller on the NBC series for 10 years, from its debut in 1994 to its final season in 2004. After 17 years off-air, Cox and the rest of the core friends Cast members (Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc and Lisa Kudrow) reunited for HBO Max’s last year Friends: The reunion Special.

Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the hit sitcom revolved around six friends navigating love and life in the city of New York and emphasized the importance of a chosen family. Although many elements of the show have not aged well, friends was widely acclaimed during his tenure and received an impressive 62 Emmy nominations. Already in possession of several acting credits (misfits of science, family ties, and a Bruce Springsteen music video underneath) Cox found her breakthrough role in Monica Geller. Known for being fiercely competitive and meticulously clean, fans gave the character those qualities, and even Cox previously said she worries about how people perceive Monica. In truth, though, Monica’s many neurotic habits ultimately turned out to be the traits that made her so endearing to many.


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Appears on recently Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cox admitted to the host that she thinks she’s more of a clean freak than Monica. When asked if the shared character trait was just coincidence, Cox replied that her own organized and clean manner played a big part in Monica’s portrayal. To give a real life example, Cox shared a story about Kimmel cutting tomatoes while making dinner at her LA home, spilling tomato juice all over her kitchen counter and admitting she had to neglect to clean up the mess, while he was doing it.

“Well, I guess I wasn’t, you know, typecast, but maybe a little bit. I think I contributed to Monica’s cleanliness, she was very competitive, but I think I was actually a little bit cleaner than she was.”

Monica and Rachel in FRIENDS

Cox’s comments comparing herself to Monica certainly appear to be based on truth, as the actress recently launched her own home care line, Homecourt, and brought it onto Kimmel’s show. Additionally, Cox recently paired her true “clean freak” nature with another of her iconic roles, and the actress even used the product in one Scream-Themed TikTok swipe it down challenge, honoring her character Gale Weathers from the famous horror franchise.

Among the incredibly strong and very different core line-up of friends, every fan had his favourite. For many, Monica tops the list because of her extreme cleanliness and competitive nature, unforgettable dancing, and loving relationship with Chandler. And while these qualities were clearly appreciated by audiences for their sheer entertainment value, it’s also heartwarming to learn that Cox’s character was in many ways an extension of himself and greatly influenced the making of the series friends so much more relatable and loveable.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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