Friends With Benefits: Paul Saginaw at Circa Resort & Casino


“Most of my friends are retiring and I’m opening new businesses here at the age of 70, but I feel great,” said Paul Saginaw, owner of Saginaw’s Delicatessen at Circa Resort & Casino. “Here I am back where I started – I’m back with the staff, the food, the customers and that’s what I fell in love with at first. I think that’s great; I can just keep going.”

In 1982, Saginaw and a friend opened a deli called Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “All we wanted was to make a great corned beef sandwich and have an organization with soul,” he says. Fast forward to today, and Saginaw now operates 11 stores in Ann Arbor — from coffee roasting and confectionery to a bakery and Korean restaurant — under the Zingerman’s brand.

About six years ago, “I received the email equivalent of a cold call from Derek Stevens, owner of The D,” says Saginaw. “He’s from Detroit and went to the University of Michigan, ate at our deli and wanted to bring our brand out here.” While Saginaw said he wouldn’t take his brand outside of Michigan, he would still like to help, so he ended up opening one Coffee stand at The D serving Zingermans coffee. And when Stevens had plans to open Circa, Saginaw was tapped again to open a deli on the new property — and Saginaw’s Delicatessen was born. Saginaw also owns Circa’s modern coffee stand, Jack Pots, which also serves Zingerman’s coffee.

“I felt like I won the lottery,” says Saginaw. “I’ve always wanted to have a business in Las Vegas. When I first realized that food and hospitality was going to be a career, my dream job was to be a food and beverage manager at a casino and live in a penthouse on the top floor of the hotel. So I’m almost there — I have a deli and coffee shop on the second floor of a casino and I live three blocks away on the eighth floor of a condo building.”

Libation: Zingerman’s Coffee

After a big meal like the classic beetroot or pastrami sandwich, or the popular French toast or corned beef hash at Saginaw’s Delicatessen, just walk through the casino to Jack Pots and grab a cup of Zingerman’s coffee. The delicious premium dark roast is available in everything from classic filter coffees, café au lait and lattes to cappuccinos, americanos and even cold brew. The coffee stand also offers a wide variety of delicious baked goods and sweets. Both Saginaw’s and Jack Pots are open 24 hours a day. –KM

To use: Saginaw’s serves a full American breakfast and traditional Hawaiian breakfast 24 hours a day.

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