From Jennifer Aniston to Selena Gomez, So Many Celebs Use This £ 11 Skincare Buy


When it comes to celebrity beauty recommendations, they tend to fall into one of two camps: in-salon treatments and cosmetic procedures with the best names in the industry (which are totally out of the realm of possibility for most of us) or luxury skincare products with a three-figure price tag. So when I heard murmurings that a genuinely affordable beauty brand with legions of A-list devotees had just landed at Cult Beauty, I was instantly intrigued. After all, Jennifer Aniston and under- £ 11 skincare isn’t a combination that you come across often. The brand in question? Heritage Store.

The brand offers a range of basic yet effective skincare products and actually started its life as a health food store way back in 1969. Cruelty-free, vegan and totally free of artificial dyes, preservatives and sulphates, Heritage Store bridges the gap between beauty and wellness to deliver multipurpose products that can be used on skin, hair and body.

In fact, Aniston’s glam squad swears by one of its products for prepping The Morning Show star’s face on set. In a post Aniston shared of her “dream team” on Instagram Stories, her backstage beauty kit clearly includes the Heritage Store Rosewater (£ 11), which makeup artist Angela Levin uses as the final step in Aniston’s skincare routine before makeup.

Jen An isn’t the only fan of the brand’s cult rose-water spray. Selena Gomez loves it, too. In a video created with Instagram, the singer shared the Heritage Store Rosewater as part of her unwinding routine. “I have these beautiful little face sprays, rose water … and I just relax,” Gomez says as she talks through the belongings on her bedside table.

Actors, singers … It seems that Heritage Store knows no bounds when it comes to impressing celebrities. In fact, even supermodels swear by the brand’s skincare products. “I use rose water with glycerin,” Ashley Graham told Elle. “I spray it before moisturizer, after moisturizer, before makeup, after makeup, in the middle of the day … Your skin feels like it’s got this moisture laminate on it. It’s beautiful.” Honestly, I’m sold.

Model-singer Selah Marley also adores it, telling The Zoe Report that she sprays her face with the Heritage Store Rosewater after cleansing and before applying a face oil and moisturizer. I don’t know about you, but I’m off to stock up.

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Heritage Store Rosewater (£ 11)

Originally created in 1969, this simple rose-water blend has achieved cult status thanks to its mix of rosa damascena oil and Heritage Store’s Vor-Mag water. What is Vor-Mag water? Well apparently, it’s water that has been magnetized and “vortexed” to boost its natural energy and vibrations. I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is that this is a calming, soothing spritz that can be used to soothe skin and scalps and refresh tired complexions throughout the day.

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin (£ 11)

The addition of glycerin here gives this rose-water spritz a replenishing moisture boost — ideal for three complexions.

Heritage Store Rosewater Facial Toner (£ 9)

Sweep on this healing toner post-cleansing, and let the blend of calming rose, soothing aloe and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid leave your complexion looking plump and glowy.

Heritage Store Rosewater Vinegar (£ 9)

This multipurpose toner contains apple cider vinegar — a natural yet gentle exfoliator. Brilliant for dissolving dead skin cells on skin that’s prone to congestion or clarifying oily scalps, it’s a wonderfully brightening solution to have in your stash.

Heritage Store Castor Oil (£ 9)

There’s nothing new about castor oil, but that doesn’t make this bottle any less great. Use it to hydrate dry patches, as a leave-in hair treatment, to nourish sparse lashes and brows or to care for cuticles. You can truly use it anywhere.

Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil Lavender (£ 11)

The addition of lavender oil to this classic blend makes it a go-to for unwinding at bedtime.

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