Fuse Plus: Start Date, Prices, and Amara La Negra Show Announced


Latino-owned TV and media company Fuse Media is entering the streaming battlefield with the official launch of Fuse Plus, which is offered as a standalone service priced at $ 2 per month and to participating pay-TV operators’ customers at no additional cost Cost is available.

Fuse Plus officially launches on September 13th after debuting in beta in June. The service is aimed at a multicultural and millennial audience. The company says it will kick off with more than 500 hours of original programming, which includes a mix of content that airs daily with linear TV premieres on the company’s flagship cable channel, Fuse, along with some free, ad-supported content.

“Our research has shown that young consumers want representative, inclusive and authentic content,” said Miguel “Mike” Roggero, CEO of Fuse Media, when announcing the launch. “Fuse Media is introducing Fuse Plus as one more step to serve this audience on all screens.”

In addition to the previously announced availability on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Fuse Plus will also be available on the Roku platform and on iOS and Android mobile devices. The subscription VOD service is $ 1.99 / month or $ 19.99 / year; Free access is included in selected cable or satellite TV packages.

In addition, Fuse announced a content deal with Amara La Negra, the world Afro-Latin star, musician, entrepreneur, writer and activist. The first show to debut under the deal is “Don’t Cancel Me With Amara La Negra,” which is slated to premiere on December 1 on Fuse Plus and Fuse.

“Don’t Cancel Me With Amara La Negra” follows her into the streets of Miami for honest conversations on issues such as immigration, colorism, body image and LGBTQ + rights. For each of the eight half-hour episodes, La Negra will be composed of a panel of personalities, including local advocates and business owners.

“I am very excited to continue helping the world see the diversity and culture around them,” La Negra said in a statement. “‘Don’t Cancel Me’ stands for important conversations that we need to have right now and I couldn’t be more excited!”

Roggero added: “Amara La Negra perfectly captures our brand’s perspective with her unique vision that thoughtfully pushes boundaries and challenges the norms of the ‘expected’. Your contributions are important to the Fuse family and ‘Don’t Cancel Me’ will be a critical part of the future of Fuse Plus. “

Here’s a rundown of the original series coming to Fuse Plus:

  • “Shine true” (Premieres on September 14th) in which mentors and role models help a non-binary or trans person explore their inner identity and passions;
  • “Made from scratch” (Premiered September 15), a “not really a cooking show,” that goes beyond the recipe and offers an open look into the lives of artists as they prepare their favorite kids’ dishes with the family they know best;
  • “Sex sold” (all episodes on Fuse Plus September 21), a show that celebrates sex-oriented businesses from a female perspective; and
  • “The Big Screen: Los Angeles” (Premieres October 6th) and portrays the unconventional journeys of some of LA’s most enigmatic emerging visual artists.
  • “Like a girl” (Premieres 2022): Denise Jones, a leading figure in the fight for gender equality in sport, hosts a series of intergenerational interviews and competitions. In each episode, Jones will spend a day with a talented young athlete, including training and competing with some of the greatest athletes in the world.

Additionally, Fuse Plus will feature an independent and inclusive range of filmmakers and talent in front of and behind the camera, including:

  • “Fuse Films: The Malformation of Bindu” (Premieres Oct. 12): Follows bullied Indian teen who forges her mother’s signature to test high school. When she learns that she has to pay an examination fee up to the 7th lesson, she has no choice but to contact the students that she is dying to leave. Directed by Prarthana Mohan, it stars Megan Suri, Gordon Winarick and David Arquette. The Duplass Brothers act as executive producers.
  • “Fuse Films: Sam & Mattie make a zombie film” (Premieres October 26th): Two best friends with Down syndrome gather a town to help them make a zombie movie. With appearances by documentary executive producer Peter Farrelly (“There’s Something About Mary”, “Dumb and Dumber”), Conan O’Brien and DJ Pauly D (MTV’s “Jersey Shore”).
  • “Fuse Docs: The All-Americans” (Premieres November 23): East Los Angeles, home of the nation’s greatest Latinx immigrants, is in the middle of the crossfire of the American identity debate. But every November this community meets for a clearly American event, one of the toughest rivalry games in the country in high school football: The East LA Classic. The All-Americans, Executive, produced by Becky G, follows four students who pursue fame in the field as they grapple with personal obstacles and seek to understand their community’s place in America today.
  • “Fuse Docs: Inherently Good” (Premieres Dec. 14): In an urgent response to growing economic anxiety and wealth inequality in America, comedian Trae Crowder takes us on a trip south to explore a transformative idea of ​​giving free cash to every citizen – no strings attached.
  • “Fuse Docs: The Third Blow” (Premieres January 18, 2022): Lawyer MiAngel Cody leads a small – but fine – team of women who fight to free people who have been sentenced to life imprisonment for drugs and to end the brutal drug law “Three Strikes”, that brought her there.
  • “Fuse Films: Unsound” (Premiere February 2022): A musician’s romantic spark is ignited by a deaf aspiring trans man who works together to save his nightclub for the deaf. With Reece Noi (“Game of Thrones”), Yiana Pandelis, Paula Duncan, Todd McKenney and Christine Anu.

Other shows on Fuse Plus include Like, Share Dimelo, an unfiltered talk series hosted by Latina comedians Dee Nasty (Darlene Demorizi) and Sasha Merci, and every episode of the Fuse show, including Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce ”,“ Big Freedia Bounces Back ”and“ T-Pain’s School of Business ”.

Fuse Media’s other new streaming brands – Fuse Backstage (music), Fuse Beat (black and hip-hop culture), and Fuse Sweat (retro fitness at home) – are each available in Fuse Plus as part of the free tier , along with selected episodes from the above programming and the company’s library of original abridged content.

Last autumn, Fuse Media was taken over as part of a management buyout under the leadership of Roggero after the bankruptcy reorganization in 2019. In 2014, NuvoTV, an independent cable publisher that invested Jennifer Lopez, acquired Fuse from MSG.

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