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Green Canyon sophomore Mia Torres was voted Student Spotlight for her selfless community service.

NORTH LOGAN — Green Canyon High School student Mia Torres epitomizes the Wolfpack Way, according to GCHS Director John Anderson.

Mia is active in her school and community by helping in a variety of ways. She is a member of Latinos in Action at her school and has a job when she is not at school. She aspires to become a therapist.

“I just like helping people,” Mia said. “Whenever I can I will help.”

Mia said she likes her school and said the Life Skills course is a good course. She also enjoys offering service through her LIA class.

During her homecoming events, Mia volunteered to play at her school’s Special Olympics soccer tournament because, according to Anderson, she is friends with the Life Skills students.

“She volunteered because she’s friends with the Life Skills students and she’s very passionate about including them in everything,” Anderson said. “She played the entire tournament with the students, took on a lot of responsibility and still made it back in time to be in our homecoming parade!”

Mia’s father, Jesse Torres, said his daughter is not only independent but loves helping other people.

“That’s one thing we love about her, that she’s willing to help people when it’s needed,” Torres said. “She is a giver and she loves to give and she is.”

Mia said she hopes helping makes a difference and really doesn’t want anyone to get stressed.

“I stress about everything. Everything is stressful for me,” Mia said. “I don’t want someone else to have to take care of something that I can help with. If I can help them and take something off their shoulders, that’s something I really like.”

Torres said that while Mia is reserved, she has a competitive edge, including over her older sister, who is currently attending Utah Valley University to study forensics.

“We’re going to take a step back and see which way she wants to go,” Torres said. “We will also give her the tools she needs to walk this path.”

Torres said he is proud of his two daughters and son and proud of how hard they work. He said his advice to Mia is that hard work gets you what you want.

“Nothing is ever handed to you,” Torres said. “If you want something, work hard to get what you want.”

Mia said she tries to be there for anyone who needs her.

“I want to make people’s lives easier so they can do more,” Mia said.


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