Genshin Impact Multiplayer Guide: How to start co-op with friends


Genshin Impact you can explore Teyvat with a buddy, just not right away. You’ll need to complete a few milestones before inviting a friend into your world (but they’re not that bad), and remember that not all content is available when someone else is visiting. If you’re unfamiliar and new to MiHoYo’s adventure, consider it primarily a single-player RPG – it just has additional quests that you can complete with the help of a friend.

To help you get started to team up with more friends, the guide below will highlight the requirements to unlock Genshin Impact multiplayer, what you can do as a team, and tasks locked for single player

Genshin Impact | Unlock multiplayer mode

Genshin Impact multiplayer is unlocked at Adventure rank 16. As the grind gets harder and harder in Adventure Rank, it doesn’t take too long to reach level 16, and if you follow the story you should get there quickly. Here’s everything you need to get started:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 16.
  • Complete the quest line up to Lepus Chapter: Act I – Mondstadt Glider.
  • Join a friend of the same or lower Word Level and Adventure Rank.
  • Access co-op mode by navigating to Main Menu > Co-op Mode > Request to Join. This menu also allows you to edit your world permissions and customize how other players join you.

Activities available in Genshin Impact co-op mode

Genshin Impact multiplayer isn’t a campaign co-op situation, but it’s great for co-farming bosses, domains, and other resources. Perhaps one of the best things to remember is before venturing into this part of the game be careful when you allow strangers to join your world. You can absorb limited resources, so you have to wait for days for valuable ascension materials to respawn – tHose waste will not be shared.

That being said, there are many reasons to play together and Things you can do with a team of up to four players. Add a friend via their UID and invite them to join and try content like boss, domain and enemy farming – rewards for these tasks will be given to each player. There are also small side obstacles scattered around the world that you can only complete with a partner.

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You can also complete some commission and event tasks, but not all are available. Some of Genshin Impact’s NPCs are unavailable when your world is open to other party members, and quests cannot be completed under these circumstances. Friends can also check out each other’s Serenitea pots.

As for Things you can’t do in co-op, Story quests are a no-go. If you find that the multiplayer feature isn’t available, it’s probably because you’re in the middle of a quest that locks you out of the option.

Chests and the Anemo, Geo, and Electro Elemental collectibles are also not shared. Even if you see another player picking them up, it doesn’t count for you and you have to collect these things yourself. Also, as mentioned before, make sure you’re not gathering resources that are limited in the world. Ores, ascension materials, and other farming resources go to the person who collects them and no one else.

As for the shops, if you want to buy things you have to close co-op options. Some NPCs only require you to access them in single player mode

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