George Clooney turned down $ 35 million airline advertising


George Clooney made an interesting statement about a role he was offered on an airline commercial and I can’t help but wonder which airline it was.

Clooney turned down lucrative airline commercial

On Friday, The guard published an interview with George Clooney promoting his new film and talking about its success. One of the most interesting points about the interview is that he was offered $ 35 million for a day to work on an airline commercial, but he turned it down:

“Okay, yeah. I was offered $ 35 million a day’s work on an airline commercial, but I spoke to Amal [Clooney, the human rights lawyer he married in 2014] about it and we decided it wasn’t worth it. It was [associated with] a country that, while an ally, is questionable at times, so I thought, ‘Well, if it takes a minute of sleep from me, it’s not worth it.’ ”

While I value my sleep very much, I think my “price” for sleep loss is a little less than $ 35 million. 😉 But hey, good for Clooney!

Which airline ad did Clooney reject?

As an aviation freak and fascinated by airline marketing, I can’t help but wonder which airline he turned down an offer with. The assumption that the airline was from a country that is “an ally” but “sometimes questionable” suggests that it must have been an airline near the Gulf.

If I had to narrow it down to five airlines, I would guess Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Saudia, or maybe even Turkish. While Emirates is the obvious option (more on that below), a few thoughts on the other airlines:

  • While Etihad has had some big-name advertising stars in the past (like Nicole Kidman), it probably wasn’t Etihad as the airline doesn’t have $ 35 million to spare for a campaign like this at this point
  • Qatar spends a lot of money on marketing, but the airline doesn’t usually hire over-famous people for advertising campaigns
  • Turkish has used some well-known celebrities (like Morgan Freeman) in the past so this could be a possibility and I think it’s the second most likely explanation (after Emirates).
  • Saudia is a wild card, but who knows, especially when the country is trying to grow its tourism industry?

Emirates spends a lot on marketing, and a few years ago the airline reportedly paid Jennifer Aniston $ 5 million to appear in an ad that made fun of US airlines. Ironically, Aniston had spoken of fear of flying in the past, and if I remember correctly, this ad was filmed on a real A380 on the ground at LAX because she didn’t want to fly to Dubai.

I think my only surprise is that Clooney would get $ 35 million while Aniston got $ 5 million. Admittedly, the Aniston commercial was a couple of years ago, so is Clooney all the better known, has the rate for celebrity appearances in advertisements increased so much in recent years or is he exaggerating?

Bottom line

George Clooney claims he was offered $ 35 million to participate in a one-day airline commercial but turned it down because he was associated with a country that is “an ally” but “sometimes questionable” so he decided it wasn’t worth it.

I’m certainly not the only one curious about which airline we’re talking about. I have to assume it’s Emirates, although at the same time $ 35 million seems a lot more than the $ 5 million Jennifer Aniston is said to have paid for her Emirates ad a few years ago.

Which cellular operator do you think Clooney turned down because of an ad?


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