Gossip Says: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are reportedly dating again


is Brad Pitt lean against Jennifer Aniston amid his custody battle with Angelina Jolie? A tabloid claims so friends star hooked up with Pitt while they were both in Paris, France. Let’s look at the famous-friendly exes.

Jennifer Aniston: Brad Pitt reunion?

This week, women’s Day reports that Jennifer Aniston looked down after she left her murder mystery 2 is set in Paris, France and it could be because of her “recurring ex” Brad Pitt. Sources say the former spouses met in the city of love, but things weren’t as lighthearted as Aniston had hoped. “Jen and Brad are spending time together there, but she wishes it were under better circumstances,” says an insider.

“He’s in France to sort out endless problems with his ex [Angelina Jolie], above the country wine castle they once owned together. It really wears Brad down and he leans heavily on Jen. She can’t bear to see him so upset… She is a very kind person who cares a lot about her friends. They can see Brad’s misery reaching out to them too. He’s lucky to have her.”

Jennifer Aniston breaks down after reunion with Brad Pitt?

We are skeptical of this story for several reasons. Initially, the outlet refers to Brad Pitt as Jennifer Aniston’s “repeat ex,” which was the first red flag. Based on all available evidence, Aniston and Pitt were together until their divorce in 2005 and have not been romantically linked since. So this description was completely inaccurate.

Additionally, this report only offers speculation based on a photo of Aniston looking a little serious. We have absolutely no way of knowing what she would be upset about, and that is if she would be upset at all. Aniston was in town for work, so we doubt Pitt was at the forefront of her thoughts. While we know Aniston and Pitt are still talkingthere is simply no evidence for this story.

The tabloid about Aniston

And the most revealing is women’s Day past coverage of Jennifer Aniston. Last year, the outlet tried to convince readers that Aniston would see John Mayer again. Then the magazine reported that Aniston and Pitt are teaming up to make a movie together. The magazine also claimed that Pitt flew to Hawaii to celebrate Aniston’s birthday with her. And recently we blasted a story from the publication that claimed Aniston had once again hooked up with John Mayer. Clearly, women’s Day is not the most reliable source when it comes to Aniston’s love life.

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