Horror actors who all did their own stunts


Horror fans may have missed The Intruder, another entry in a long line of black-led horror thrillers. It’s a shame as movies like ‘No Good Deed’ and ‘Traffik’, which Deon Taylor also directed The Intruder, are more than worth the price of admission, exciting ventures that never stray too far into exploitation. While “The Intruder” takes it a bit too safe, it has a dynamic Meagan Good at its center, an actress horror fans might relate to from both “Venom” (the 2005 slasher, not the Marvel film) and from “Saw V” recall several other horror properties.

Good stars as Annie Howard, who, with her husband (Michael Ealy), buys a Napa Valley estate from Dennis Quaid’s homeowner who is seriously ill. Quaid’s Charlie is initially open for sale, though he has a strange habit of showing up unannounced and going so far as to design the property even though he’s sold it. Of course, he harbors sinister intentions, and when everything hits the mark, Good is up to the task. With a soft spot for both horror films and her own stunts, Good culminates in her fight to survive against Quaid. It’s exciting stuff, and given her resume, it’s more than enough to cement Good as a scream queen in her own right.


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