How many children does David Arquette have? The ‘Scream’ star put the Ghostface mask on them


David Arquette has been a mainstay of pop culture since the early ’90s. Although the actor has appeared in every genre from comedy to drama, he is probably best known for playing Dewey Riley in the slasher film series Scream.

The now 50-year-old has again followed in Dewey’s footsteps for the brand new model Scream Movie. While promoting the film, Arquette showed his playful side. He admitted he loves scaring his kids with the iconic Ghostface mask.

David Arquette scared his kids with his Ghostface mask

In a recent interview with IMDb, Arquette revealed that he occasionally likes to freak his kids out with a recognizable prop Scream Franchise. When asked if he had a Ghostface mask at home, Arquette replied, “Absolutely… you know, I have kids…”

Arquette’s co-star Neve Campbell helped him answer the question. She added, “If you really want them to go to bed…” to which Arquette burst out laughing, apparently agreeing with Campbell’s playful dig.

How many children does David Arquette have?

David Arquette (C) attends a gala with his daughter Coco Arquette (L) and her friend in 2013 | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Art of Elysium

Though Arquette didn’t go into specifics with IMDb about his children, the Unkissed Star has spoken about being a parent. Arquette has three children: a daughter with his ex-wife Courteney Cox and two children with his current wife Christina McLarty. He and Cox were married from 1999 to 2013 and welcomed Coco in 2004.

Arquette and Cox split in 2013 but maintain a peaceful relationship as parents. The actor has said he doesn’t think divorce has to be bad. He pointed to the tension-free dynamic he and Cox enjoy. “No matter what people go through, you still have a child together,” he explained.

In 2014, after several years of dating, Arquette and his girlfriend McLarty welcomed their first son, Charlie West. Arquette and McLarty married a year later. They later had a second son, Augustus. In a 2017 interview with People, Arquette admitted that having three kids was “crazy.” McLarty said: “We’re in baby boot camp and kids boot camp. It’s literally a kid here, a kid here.”

Arquette Opened Up About Working With His Ex on ‘Scream’

Arquette and Cox have never stopped being good friends despite divorcing almost a decade ago. Now, with the reunited exes on screen for the latest Scream Many fans wonder how the two can spend so much time together without tension. As it turns out, Arquette and Cox were having a great time.

“It’s a cathartic experience just being the opposite of Courteney,” Arquette said in a recent interview with The New York Times, referring to the first Scream Film in which the two young actors fell in love for the first time. “He got very emotional during filming,” Cox noted in the same interview.

Long before the cast reunited to film the slasher hit, Arquette said he was “excited” at the prospect of working with his ex-wife and paid tribute to it, too Scream Franchise himself: “I’m thrilled to be playing Dewey again and reuniting with mine Scream Family, old and new… Scream was such a big part of my life and for the fans as well as for myself I look forward to honoring Wes Craven’s legacy.”

With fans of all ages raving about the new film, it’s clear Arquette hasn’t lost any of his on-screen charm.

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