How Thor became BEST friends with Marvel’s Superman


During their time together on the Avengers, a unique version of Marvel’s Superman became Thor’s best friend.

There have been multiple incarnations of Hyperion in the history of the Marvel Universe, often from alternate realities. One of the most notable newer versions of the character was Marcus Milton, who was briefly featured in Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opeña avenger # 1 and became a member of the team. The last survivor of the incident that destroyed his reality, Hyperion was the greatest hero of his world before he lost himself in the void between realities. AIM scientists studying the Multiverse discovered him and held him briefly until he was discovered and freed by the Avengers.

Unsure of his place in this new world, Hyperion joined the superhero team and became a stable and reliable member of the group. In particular, he found strong merchandise in Thor, God of Thunder – with Marvel’s most heroic version of DC’s Superman, which quickly established itself as one of Thor’s best modern friends.

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The two powerhouses were found to be surprisingly compatible, with Thor’s boisterous charm breaking through Hyperion’s exterior while Hyperion offered wise advice and noble empathy for Thor. The two were able to connect and open up as gods among humans in a way that no one else understood. When the Children of the Sun – a new race of aliens – were born on Earth, Hyperion took on the responsibility of looking after them. Calling it a Noble Endeavor, Thor joined him in helping teach early lessons to the young breed. During their time together, the two quickly became close friends, with Hyperion providing Thor with a shoulder to rely on after the events of original sin robbed him of his ability to lift Mjolnir. Hyperion remained a companion even when the world was near the end of all things in “Time Runs Out”.

Working with Sunspot’s Avengers (who also took control of AIM and all of its resources), a group consisting of Hyperion, Thor, Nightmask, Starband, Ex Nihilo, and Abyss became the Multiversal Avengers in hopes of uncovering the origins of the Incursions examine – – with Thor aware of the unlikely chances of return. The children of the sun begged their adoptive father to stay, Hyperion refused to let his new best friend go into the unknown without proper support. Hyperion even came to call Thor his brother, which meant how important they became to one another. In their last fight, the two fought side by side and even witnessed the deaths of two Beyonders. But wounded and with a whole army of Beyonders setting out to attack them, the two ended up being brothers in arms and even vowed to find each other in Valhalla.

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It’s a great Hickman run on Avengers and the Incursions saga as a whole that gives Thor and Hyperion someone to fully relate to and actually relax with. Hyperion had little to do in the Marvel Universe after it was subsequently reborn Secret wars. He enjoyed staying in a short-lived version of Squadron Supreme, found a civilian life as a truck driver to see America, and attended the events of Secret empire (where he was one of the many heroes tested by the plans of the corrupted Captain America). He’s not even the most prominent version of Hyperion in the Marvel Universe, with that distinction falling on the more vicious version of the character who recently appeared in Heroes born again.

The Hickman-era Hyperiond’s connection with Thor would be a perfect element to make a return – especially when you see Thor becoming increasingly isolated in his own series. If Hyperion returns in any form, even the All-Father Thor could fight for his money in terms of raw power and possibly even bring a bit of humanity back to the thunder god.

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