How to find your friends and group yourself in the New World


With New World’s over a million players, those familiar with MMORPGs know that there are plenty of new friends to be made and existing friends to team up with for a good time in the land of Aeternum.

The first thing to remember when starting out with friends is to choose the same server.

New worlds explained

New World separates servers into world sets, and you can only create characters on servers that share sets.

If your friend is in the “Arkadia Sigma” world set and you are in the “Arkadia Tau” set, you will not be able to create a character on their server unless you delete your current characters from the “Arkadia Tau” set.

A handy tool is to search under the Online Friends category while looking at the world selection screen. This category shows you how many of your friends are online and on this server. You can then make an informed decision.

Selection screen for new worlds

Random starting locations: where are my friends?

Many players will find that they haven’t spawned in the same starting zone with their friends.

Fortunately, there is a way to get to your friends once you finish the tutorial.

Once you’ve signed up and created your character, you’ll need to go through the tutorial. After defeating your now corrupted captain, a cutscene will play after you win the battle. The game will then teleport your character to one of the many random beach starting areas.

Once loaded, your quest will speak to an NPC to turn in the tutorial quest. After completing the task given you, do not accept the next quest. This includes you in the quest line in your specified area.

If you decide on the next quest, you won’t be able to take on the same starter area quests as your compatriots.

You can also do a remake until you all end up in the same starter zone, but that may take a while.

How to invite to group in New World

To send an invite to your group, press the Esc key and click the group + button in the upper left corner. This way you can find your friends by name to add them to your group.

Invite a new world to the group

You can also invite players by hovering over them and pressing the H button. A panel opens with the “Invite to group” button directly below the button for the direct message.

When you are grouped, press the M button to view your map. From there, you can see where your friends are and hike to them.

Be careful though, as the road between launch areas can be dangerous. Once you have reached the location of your choice, you can start the same quest line together and move on.

Later, make sure that you choose the same faction as your friends. Different factions cannot unite.

Now you can quest together in the starting area of ​​your choice!

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