How we called the Millers’ Cast Prank back to friends


While filming We’re the Millers, the cast played Jennifer Anniston with a recall on her most iconic role.

We are the millers is an underrated comedy from 2013 starring Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, and Jennifer Aniston, and follows a small pot dealer who starts a fake family to smuggle drugs out of Mexico in a motorhome. After the fake family successfully crossed the border and escaped border security with their marijuana-filled motorhome, they turn on music and sing “Waterfalls” to TLCs.

However in one slip We are the millers‘Cast and crew turned that moment into a prank for Aniston. Instead of playing “Waterfalls”, the Rembrandts will play “I’ll Be There for You”. Of course, this song is best known for being the theme song for friends, the sitcom that made Aniston superstar as Rachel Green.

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The deleted scene continues while the cast sings the song and claps along, and Aniston appears to be going through a range of emotions in response to the prank. All in all, she’s a great sport, but the prank still put a variety of different looks on her face. Recently, after the release of friends: Reunification, Aniston explained the complicated emotions she felt while filming the special and how emotional it actually was to return to the place. Hence, it is possible that this prank was performed on the set of We are the millers may have evoked a similarly complex and emotional response.

Roberts looks like she is about to break even friends Theme song, which means that all of them except Aniston were involved in the joke. Roberts even states that she loves the song with a little extra zing, which suggests that she is really a huge fan of the show, or at least very excited about the joke. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast sings along with enthusiasm, even adjusting their claps to match those in the song.

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We are the millers

Aniston then turns to the camera towards the end of the blunder and acknowledges the quality of the prank. She seems shocked at first but makes eye contact with the various cameras to let everyone know she gets the joke. Despite covering her face emotionally, she ends up smiling and praising the Jokers around her.

Aniston continued to play Rachel for 10 seasons friends, and she has achieved many achievements beyond that role, including Golden Globe nominations for The morning show and cake. However, she is always most associated with her breakout role as Rachel. This shows in the prank she took We are the millers‘Cast and crew.

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