Howard Stern leaves ‘Apocalypse Bunker’ for first time in two years, Shock Jock spotted having dinner with Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel & Jon Hamm


Howard Stern came out of hiding after being locked away in his “apocalypse bunker” since the pandemic began. The 68-year-old shock jock left his $20million home in Southhampton to meet and socialize over dinner with his A-list friends for the first time in two years, has learned.

Stern and his wife Beth, 50, were spotted at Laser Wolf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Friday with a crowd of Hollywood’s elite including Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Hammand Jason Bateman.

After holed up in their home since 2020, the couple decided to brave the world again at the invitation of Kimmel and his wife.

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Photos showed the famous group of friends enjoying a posh dinner. Stern sat next to Kimmel and across from Hamm and Aniston’s recent ex-husband Justin Theroux. The Sirius XM presenter seemed lost in conversation, leaning across the table to catch up with his old pals.

Discussing his first adventure outside the home, Stern revealed he was exhausted from being social.

“I’ve had a really tough weekend, emotionally and physically,” he said on Monday’s episode of his radio show. “For the first time in two years, I ventured out of the house. It was too much for me. It was too much. I haven’t been outside in two years.”

While agreeing to leave, Stern told his listeners he nearly called off the event out of fear.

“I said to my wife, ‘I don’t want to go, I’m panicking, I don’t want to get COVID,'” he recalled. “I know our president told us the pandemic is over and everyone is walking around without masks… I still just don’t want to get COVID.”

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Despite fears of contracting Covid-19, photos show Stern has chosen not to wear a mask.

“Howard was even there without a mask. They were all seated at a large table… Stern told restaurant staff this was his first night since the pandemic began,” an eyewitness said page six.

The trip seemed to be going well. Howard has not complained that he had any Covid-like symptoms after dinner on Friday.


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