Hunter x Hunter: Gon’s 10 closest friends, ranking


Gon Freecss is the main protagonist of the Hunter X Hunter Series and a boy determined to find his father. With wide eyes and optimism, he has a talent for making friends everywhere, and many who run into him wish him the best of luck in his future travels.

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While Gon adores all of his comrades, he does so to varying degrees. By classifying the hunter’s friends by proximity, we can better understand their priorities, the personal qualities they approve of, and the actions necessary to gain favor with them.

10 Gon met Nen alongside Zushi

Zushi was a young boy who was trained by Wing in Nen’s style. Although both he and Gon aspired to master Heaven’s Arena, the latter was able to make significantly more progress in a shorter amount of time than the former.

While this triggered a certain animosity in the new hunter, Zushi ultimately couldn’t hold a grudge against his fellow student just because he was successful. As a result, their friendship could endure, even though Gon was destined to move on to bigger things.

9 Palm fell in love with Gon and went on a date with him

Palm holds a knife against Gon

Palm was a pale woman who was obsessed with Gon. In return for her spying service, she asked to date him – an offer he gladly accepted, as he did not fully understand the undertones of the situation.

Fortunately, Killua was around to make sure the confused woman didn’t go too far with his friend. During the height of the conflict against Meruem’s forces, Palm was reborn as a chimera ant. Even so, she managed to maintain her loyalty to the Hunter Association.

8th Wing was responsible for teaching Nen Gon

Wing was responsible for helping Gon improve Nen to prepare for the rigors of the Heavenly Arena. He understood that the mysterious energy could kill the unprepared by simply being around and did not wish the boy such a cruel fate.

However, he made his students promise never to use their gifts irresponsibly. Given Gon’s final battle with Neferpitou, it is questionable whether or not he kept his word as he unleashed his full power on a villain.

7th Knuckle was a loyal comrade helping Gon in the NGL

Hunter x Hunter Knuckle Bine - Knuckles Crying

Knuckle was a loyal comrade who proved invaluable to Gon in the NGL. Not only did he fight by his side to see if he was prepared (at the request of Morel and Knov), he also helped Killua fight Youpi.

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Facing the APR, Gon forced himself to think on his feet and fight aggressively if necessary. It instilled in him a sense of urgency that would be essential in the battles to come, and was even a viable weapon in weakening the deadliest of Meruem’s forces to manageable levels.

6th Leorio was one of Gon’s oldest and most reliable comrades

Gon met Leorio on a ship destined for the hunter test, and the two became instant friends. Despite his superficial, materialistic portrayal, Leorio had a genuine passion for helping others, which explains why he was driven to become a doctor.

When Gon was hospitalized after the incident at the NGL, Leorio cursed Ging at a public conference, berated him for abandoning his son and asked him to visit him. He even went so far as to slap his face to get his attention.

5 Gon helped Kurapika through the darkest periods of his life

Kurapika was obsessed with avenging his clan and destroying the villainous Phantom Force. Both Gon and Killua were concerned about his mental well-being and stayed vigilant by his side as they urged him to rethink his untenable path.

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Ultimately, Kurapika would take her words to heart and impose a Nen condition on Chrollo instead of directly killing him. This caused a significant setback to his organization’s agenda as they were now without a functioning leader.

4th Biscuit helped improve Gon’s skills and prepare him for the NGL

Biscuit was the best trainer Gon and Killua ever had, he took wings lessons and developed them. She was responsible for helping the boys through the events of Greed Island and training them in preparation for the Knuckle and Shoot game.

Despite her youthful appearance, she is a qualified mentor. If necessary, Biscuit can use her true form as a towering, muscular woman to decimate her enemies and defend her students.

3 Gon risked his life to avenge Kite

Hunter x Hunter Gon Killua Dragons

Kite was a close associate of Ging, whom Gon treated as a surrogate father and mentor. He helped guide the boys through the NGL and eventually gave his life so they could avoid a close encounter against Neferpitou.

After his capture, Kite’s body was desecrated and used as a training dummy for the chimera ants to practice on. Angry at what the villains had done to his friend, Gon increased his strength with a Nen state and beat Neferpitou to death. After recovering in the hospital, the young hunter discovered that Kite had been reborn.

2 Killua was Gon’s closest friend and gave up his life to adventure with him

Killua was Gon’s closest friend for virtually the entire series and was ready to do anything to ensure his safety. His acts of loyalty ranged from murdering potential threats to giving up his life in the murderous Zoldyck family.

He was even ready to save Alluka and turn on Illumi just so Gon would have the most skilled healer to save him. Realizing the risk, Killua asked his younger brother for a miracle, but was willing to take the risk anyway.

1 Gon was ready to do anything to find Ging

Gong meets Ging

From the start of the series, Gon’s unique focus has been on finding and reuniting his father, Ging Freecss. This despite the fact that the man was incredibly reluctant to see him, even after braving the rigors of Greed Island and surviving the war in the NGL.

Even so, Gon would eventually find him during a debate to determine the next Hunter Association chairman. On their journey to the top of the world together, they had a long overdue reunion.

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