I went from taking welfare and payday loans to earning $1.4 million a year from a side job


CREDIT can make or break your future, is the lesson of Dallas-based entrepreneur Arnita Johnson-Hall.

The founder of AMB Credit Consultants shared how she turned her poor credit rating into a huge business opportunity.


Arnita Johnson-Hall’s AMB Credit Consultants business had gross sales of $1.1 million in 2016

Johnson-Hall spoke recently CNBC and said it was 2007 when she received a wake-up call that would change her life.

At the time, she was barely getting by with a $12 an hour job when an opportunity presented itself with a starting salary of $60,000.

Things seemed to take a turn until that opportunity was missed. As it turned out, her downfall was her low credit score of 303.

How she started her part-time job

That rejection was the ultimate motivator.

Johnson-Hall buckled in, studied her credit reports, corrected errors at each credit bureau, and set herself a strict budget.

Her credit score went up 100 points in six months.

After this experience, she realized what she could do for herself, what she could do for others, and her sideline began.

Reach $1 million in sales

Johnson-Hall began by helping family and friends improve their credit ratings.

In late 2007 she bought a website and renamed her company AMB Credit Consultants.

Business was initially sluggish. Her first product offering was a free consultation and six-month credit building program, which she marketed for $149.

She stuck with it, becoming a board-certified credit counselor and gradually doing more promotion on social media.

Fast forward to 2016 and AMB Credit Consultants had gross sales of $1.1 million.

building a company

Once Johnson-Hall had the capital, their business blossomed into a full-fledged corporation.

In 2013 she started her PhD Luxurious credita blog that offers readers free credit advice and sells financial literacy books.

Then Johnson Hall started Luxurious lifestyle plannera line of journals with helpful tools for budgeting.

Your company now has 10 employees.

In 2021 she worked with 672 clients.

Your advice for starting a business

Make your story part of your brand. “An important part of my AMB brand story is my triumph over my poor credit rating and financial instability,” Johnson-Hall told CNBC.

Be specific about who you can help. “In the beginning, my mission was to help everyone. Then I realized that I knew what it was like to be a young, black, single mother on federal assistance, so I had a unique ability to help these women,” Johnson-Hall explained.

Focus on the community. Johnson-Hall invests a lot of time and effort in reaching out to followers personally. As she put it, “It’s not enough to have a large following on social media. You need to nurture a supportive community by engaging with your followers, addressing their needs, and asking for feedback.”

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