If Jennifer Aniston has never served you restaurant food, consider yourself lucky


It’s always entertaining when celebrities tell stories about the strange jobs they had before they got famous. Jennifer Aniston is no exception, although the best part of her stories isn’t the jobs; it’s how bad she was with you. Aniston is a Hollywood success story with nearly three decades of acting experience. That’s a good thing because it sounds like she was a threat when she was serving at tables.

Jennifer Aniston: Getting into acting

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Aniston has had a long and busy acting career. Several generations of fans have known her as Rachel friendsbut it didn’t stop. But if she’d taken loving advice early on, maybe she could have missed out on the world of acting entirely.

Corresponding The things, Aniston’s parents were both actors and they didn’t want her to follow in their footsteps. Her father wanted to protect her from the rejection that came with the position, so he urged her to become a lawyer instead.

We’ll never know how well Aniston did as a lawyer because her parents’ advice only made her more determined to pursue her dream. And if her early jobs are any clue as to how she would fare outside of Hollywood, it’s good she did.

Disastrous jobs

Jennifer Aniston started out doing various jobs as a teenager, but she didn’t seem very good at them. As a bicycle courier, for example, she collided with an open car door.

But as she said Marie Clairewhen she was a waitress she made her most disastrous moves.

“I’ve waited at a lot of tables and I wasn’t very good at that,” said Aniston. “I dropped more than one Alpine burger into the lap of my customers, and you just don’t want all that Swiss cheese and mushrooms in your pants.”

She probably would have put more effort into law school had she chosen this avenue, but despite her parents’ urging, being a lawyer wasn’t her second career choice either. If she had to choose something else, Aniston thinks she would have chosen the interior design profession.

But she never needed a fallback career.

Aniston’s happy ambition

She became mega-famous for the first time 27 years ago friends. But Aniston wasn’t content to ride that success for the rest of her career. She has continued to strive and make a name for herself both as a talented actress and a style icon. She recently appeared on the cover of InStyle, and shared some thoughts on her career.

She continues to be committed to projects that are important to her. The second season of The morning show airs on Apple TV Plus, and she has nothing but good things to say about the show and its co-star, Reese Witherspoon. She’s about to start filming too Murder Secret 2 with Adam Sandler.

It’s fair to say that Aniston is an ambitious person, but her definition of what that means might be a little different from what you think.

“To be honest, I’ve never been an ambitious person,” she said. “[Ambition] only means happiness. I have the ambition to be a happy, contented, fulfilled person with no regrets about things that I knew I could and could not have done. “

It’s good to hear that Aniston has no regrets about her past, even if some of her customers disagree from her restaurant days. At least she has found a fulfilling career – and safer for those around her.

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