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In addition to being an accomplished actress, Jennifer Aniston is an animal rights activist. Aniston, who became famous on the legendary TV show friendsShe has given homes to several rescue dogs over the years and is known for her great devotion to her furry friends.

Most recently, however, Aniston made headlines for a somewhat unusual reason. The actress has partnered with tech startup Invisible Universe to create a digital version of one of her beloved dogs. While the new company may seem a little out of the blue, Aniston himself seems very excited about the brand new company.

Jennifer Aniston owns several dogs

Over the years, fans have seen Aniston’s rise from animal lover to full-grown mother dog. The actress has owned several dogs over her time in the spotlight, including a Welsh Corgi mix named Norman who died in 2011 at the age of 15 and a white German Shepherd named Dolly who died in 2019.

These days, Aniston reportedly has three dogs in her house: a pit bull mix called Sophie, a schnauzer mix called Clyde, and a lab mix called Lord Chesterfield. The latest addition, Lord Chesterfield, joined the pack in October 2020. Aniston shared a touching photo of the little guy on her social media pages, admitting the puppy “stole her heart”. Clyde has been with Aniston for quite some time, however, and the fluffy pup clearly has a special place in Aniston’s heart.

What did Jennifer Aniston recently say about her animated dog?

Recently, Aniston surprised fans when she teamed up with tech startup Invisible Universe to create an animated version of her dog, Clyde. The puppy, named “Clydeo”, has its own social media platforms that allow fans to follow the digital puppy through his daily life in Aniston’s California home. A report from Business Insider detailed how specific footage of Aniston’s home and her other dogs are featured in the videos and clips shared on Clydeo’s sites.

“Developing an animated character and developing the plot is a first for me, but I’m looking forward to everyone meeting him,” said Aniston in a statement reported by Archive today. Tricia Biggio, CEO of Invisible Universe, commented, “If there are three things everyone in the world knew about Jennifer Aniston, one of them would likely be that she is a huge dog lover. So it was no surprise that when we spoke to her on the phone, after 30 seconds she asked, ‘Can I have a dog?’ We were happy to comply. ”

What are fans saying about Jennifer Aniston’s animated puppy?

Jennifer Aniston | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Clydeo already has over 10,000 followers Instagram, with three articles already on his side. It seems like a lot of people are invested in not only Clydeo’s journey to digital fame, but Jennifer Aniston’s luxurious California home. Fans on Instagram are sure to be enthusiastic, the comments on the posts are overwhelmingly positive. A fan wrote on a post “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, omg,” in one of Clydeo’s posts, while another commented, “No way, this is the cutest thing ever”.

While Aniston’s venture with her digital companion is still in its infancy, it’s likely that Clydeo’s journey to social media superstar has gotten off to a good start – and that more celebrity pets will eventually join this bold new venture.

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