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Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett

*ing: Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Jasmine Savoy Brown, Sonia Ammar, Roger L. Jackson, Marley Shelton, Skeet Ulrich, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell

he truth is, no matter how cool you and I were in 1996 when the first one was Scream come into our lives, we most likely now have steady jobs and a bunch of kids rolling around. So here is my first exhibition: the children in the Scream “requel” will have you thinking about your own, and you’ll be so, so mad at Ghostface for targeting tiny babies (they’re probably in their late teens, but ykwim).

Scream has always been the perfect slasher franchise in my opinion. It wasn’t as grim as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 or 2003)nor is the antagonist as cruel and bullied as Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, nor is it frighteningly terrifying That Grudge/Ju-On movies. It was “new,” with actors that intended audiences were familiar with (Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Courteney Cox), and best of all, it was outrageously gory. It didn’t matter if a character was cute or funny or you sent him with another character, if Ghostface or Craven decided to stab them, they would get stabbed.

However, the franchise threw out two more films that were also solid, and then a very meta scream 4, which actually wasn’t bad either, if not the best of them all. The best of the Scream Movies, of course, is how you know the old gang will reunite and this week’s ghostface will die.

scream 5 is no different. It starts with the all-too-familiar phone call to a girl in an empty house and ends with everyone stabbing everyone, often.

The interesting typing highlighted in this particular installment of one of the most popular slasher films of all time is the difference between cult, b-horror, and what Tara Carpenter, one of the main characters, calls “sublime horror.”

Any horror fan will tell you that horror is horror. The horror genre, the plot, the actors – none of that matters. Yes, you’ll have your favorite directors and agree that Patrick Wilson is the perfect target even if he doesn’t star in a horror movie, but eventually you’ll become comfortable with the tropes, the themes, and the recognize, with or without the artistic , philosophical thinking, you watch this movie because no other genre is right fits you’re fine.

In this scream 5 covers the whole floor. The actors are good, the plot is maybe a bit predictable but decent and you won’t get bored. There are good jump scares and twists you didn’t see coming. Got a few hours to kill? watch scream 5 It definitely won’t be the worst decision you’ve made this year.

Rating System: *Not on your life* ½ If you really need to waste your time ** Hardly worth the trouble ** ½ Okay, just for a slow afternoon
*** Good Enough to Watch *** ½ Watch Recommended **** Don’t Miss **** ½ Almost Perfect ***** Perfection


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