Incredible: Jennifer Aniston’s new exact double that’s all the rage on TikTok



Jennifer Aniston it’s always new. If it is not about a film or television project, rumors of a romance monopolize the internet portals again and again. The last we saw of her was her participation in the meet friends on the streaming service HBO Max, which you can now watch as often as you like on the platform. However, In the last few hours his name was heard due to a peculiarity: another exact doppelganger appeared. View!

Yes, we say “other” because this is not the first time. In mid-March, a photo of a young Argentine woman named Florencia Trossero, in which she appears as an exact copy of Rachel Green’s interpreter, went viral. After the spread of the picture and the excitement, the girl spoke on TV and confirmed the resemblance: “I have an air, I am not what I showed in the photo, I don’t know if it was the pose or what, I came out right away and I’m not that same. For me it is a compliment that they told me this, for whom not? “.

Is now Lisa Tranel who is positioned as Jennifer’s new double in social networks, after this a TikTok video that already has 4.7 million views. There he was encouraged to mimic a scene from Friends and quickly began gaining new followers until he hit the 205,000 he currently has. Watch this video!

What is the scene? It’s the moment Rachel tells her friend Monica that she wants to quit her job as a waitress at Central Perk. The truth is Lisa reiterated the clip’s comments and distribution, as she says in her TikTok bio: “I’m not Jennifer Aniston” and the emoji of a smiling face.

It’s not the first similarity that comes straight from TikTok, as we previously brought you a Russian cosplayer named Ekaterina Shumskaya who looks very similar Scarlett Johansson in his Black Widow personality. We also remember them twice Prince Harry, in a very funny clip where his daughter believes that her father is really the member of the royal family.


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