Inman’s apartment friends travel across the country


The Eagles have given their flat friends wings to fly across the country. As part of their studies of the national parks, talented students at Inman Elementary School sent out Flat Park Rangers and received letters back from some of their great adventures.

For their project, each student chose a national park to research and then created a 3D rendering, presentation, postcard, postage stamp, and other items to showcase their park. They also made a “Flat Park Ranger” that they mailed to their parks in hopes that they would get a letter back with photos from their trip.

Two of the flat share friends had a particularly cool trip. A Flat Stanley went to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw the snow-capped peaks, and Flat Russell made it all the way to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and witnessed an active lava lake erupt.

Gifted teachers Charlie Harper and Tess Keller were thrilled to see their students immerse themselves in the project.

“This is their first year studying national parks in depth and the students are very excited. We are sure this activity will be their favorite and most memorable activity,” they said in a letter to park rangers. “We love studying the park system, which helps us appreciate nature, natural resources, conservation, and outdoor recreation.”


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