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The eagerly awaited summer thriller LANSKY from Writer / director Eytan Rockaway will hit theaters and digital streaming channels on June 25th. The film’s star cast includes Harvey Keitel, Sam Worthington, Danny A. Abeckaser, David James Elliott, Minka Kelly, David Cade, John Magaro and AnnaSophia Robb.

Danny A. Abeckaser and David Elliott | Photo: Ben Draper

The script was inspired by actual conversations that took place between Rockaway’s father Rob Rockaway and gangster Meyer Lansky before his death. In the film, Abeckaser deviates from his often-seen gangster and nightlife character roles for the other side of the law and plays an FBI agent.

LANSKY is exciting cinema and a historical piece of history, a great story to tell. I am thrilled to be part of such an incredible cast of actors and it was an incredible experience making this film. Every day on the set was great fun and Eytan made a great movie, ”said Abeckaser.

David Stone (Sam Worthington), a renowned but hapless writer, has the chance of a lifetime when he receives a surprise phone call from Meyer Lansky (Academy Award nominee Harvey Keitel). Authorities have been trying to track down Lansky’s alleged nine-figure fortune for decades, and this is her last chance to catch the aging gangster before he dies. With the FBI close behind (Abeckaser as a leading FBI agent), the organized crime godfather reveals the inexplicable truth about his life as the infamous head of Murder Inc. and the National Crime Syndicate.

Abekaser, last seen in The IrishmanIn addition to Worthington and his long-time friend Keitel, who starred in his directorial debut, he is expected to show us a new range of actors in feature films. First, let’s take Brooklyn (2018). Abbeckaser’s next film, I LOVE USHe is a romantic feature film drama in which he plays the lead role and in which he will direct in September 2021 and further show his depth in the emotional film. LANSKY Co-star David James Elliott also appears in the film.

LANSKY was produced by Jeff Hoffman, Robert Ogden Barnum, Lee Broda and Eric Binns, with camera by Peter Flinckenberg, editing by Steven Rosenblum and Martin Hunter and original music by Max Aruj.

Commented Producer Jeff Hoffman, “All of the performances are incredible – Keitel is masterful and penetrating, Worthington is brave and determined, and Magaro was the perfect choice to play the younger Lansky / Keitel. Abekaser brings dynamic presence to his role as an FBI agent. Rockaway does a sensational job telling this remarkable story that depicts the complex personality of a historically significant gangster known as the mob’s accountant. “

Danny A. Abeckaser (“Danny A”) is an Israeli-born actor, director, and producer raised in Brooklyn. Danny was last seen in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, as well as his own directorial film Mob city alongside Jamie-Lynn Sigler, David Arquette and Jennifer Esposito, both currently in digital streaming.

Since his directorial debut in 2018, Abeckaser has directed four films and produced over 13 films, including several documentaries, under his production and distribution company 2B Films. Selective about the projects he’s working on, Abeckaser’s first big trip to the cinema was the 2010 favorite at Sundance Holy roles Directed by Kevin Asch, where he starred alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha, also producer of the film. After the success of the film, Abeckaser got one of his more famous roles as Dino Lapron in The ice cream man, alongside Ray Liotta, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, and James Franco. To this day, he regards the role as one of his favorite and most demanding roles. Abekaser continued his swing, finishing a long-running project that wrote and co-produced the film Club lifeloosely based on his life as a New York nightclub power player. He also had small roles in The wolf on Wall Street, HBOs vinyl, and many other notable film projects before his first leading role in The stand-up guy. Other films produced and published by 2B Films include The Last Shaman, First We Take Brooklyn, Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story (December 2020), The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, Davi’s Way and The experimenter.

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Photos: Ben Draper.



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