Jennifer Aniston Believes David Schwimmer Is The One Who Escaped: Rumor



Jennifer Aniston reportedly believes David Schwimmer was the one who escaped.

According to New idea, Jennifer Aniston is obviously still in love with her Friends Co-star when she talked about swimmers during an interview.

A source claimed that after years of friendship, now may be the perfect time for Aniston and Schwimmer because they are both single.

“Your words say it all – they are clearly each other’s who got away with it. And now that they have all been thrown back together in such nostalgic circumstances, with Jen and David both single and openly remembering their feelings for each other, it is certainly possible to take their friendship to the next level, ”the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer hang out regularly, FaceTime

Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer hang out regularly, FaceTime

For the time being, Aniston and Schwimmer have not officially got back together. But the tabloid insists they hang out more.

Whenever the co-stars’ schedules allow, Aniston and Schwimmer reportedly join in personally. And when their schedules are a little tight, they choose FaceTime to catch up.

“If their dates and chats continue to go well, David would certainly consider jumping in and splitting his time between LA and New York. They made tons of money from that reunion so money really isn’t an issue, ”the source said.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer flirted during the Friends reunion

This isn’t the first time Jennifer Aniston and Schwimmer have been linked.

In May, New idea also claimed that the A-listers flirted with each other on the set of Friends.

“They found that now, after so much time has passed, they had a lot more in common and could often be caught up in their trailers alone. The other cast couldn’t help but notice that this is the first time in more than 20 years that the two of them have been single at the same time and maybe the sparks were sparkling, ”the source said.

Rumors exposed

However, the tabloid claims should be treated with caution.

After all, Jennifer Aniston and Schwimmer are nothing more than friends. And they have chemistry because they played the role of a couple Friends.

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