Jennifer Aniston brought her entire entourage with her during a first date with Jon Stewart


Jennifer Aniston is America’s sweetheart. The actress has received various awards, including an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. She is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. Aniston began working as an actress at an early age. She was 24 when she landed her first major film role in the 1993 horror comedy leprechaun.

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She later gained international fame for her role as Rachel Green in the television sitcom friends (1994–2004), for which she received Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since then, she has acted in numerous dramas and romantic comedies.


Her biggest box office successes include Bruce Almighty (2003), The Separation (2006) and Marley & I (2008). She received critical acclaim for her roles in the good girl (2002) and cake (2014). Aniston returned to the small screen in 2019, producing and starring in the hit Apple TV+ drama series The morning show.

Jennifer Aniston has received nearly as much attention in her personal life as she has in her entertainment career. She was first married to actor Brad Pitt, with whom she dated for five years. She later married actor Justin Theroux in 2015 but split in 2017. But did you know she once dated Jon Stewart? Even if it was full…

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were friends for four years before dating

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were tabloid gold in the late ’90s. The couple first met in 1994 through their managers, who happened to be friends. “He was just this cute guy from Missouri, you know?” said Aniston Rolling Stone in 2001. “A normal guy.” But their relationship didn’t turn romantic until four years later. At the time of their meeting, Pitt had just broken up with actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Aniston had broken up with actor Tate Donovan. In 2004, her managers set her up for their first date.

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On November 29, 1999, while attending a Sting concert together, the Hollywood stars took the stage to perform Anistons engagement ring. Pitt reportedly spent $500,000 for the ring, which was set with a diamond in a unique circular shape. Aniston and Pitt’s wedding in 2000 was undeniable the celebrity wedding of the year. The couple tied the knot in front of 200 guests on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.

Aniston wore a low-back Lawrence Steele wedding dress and the newlyweds danced to The Way You Look Tonight. The wedding was complete with a 40-piece gospel choir, lobster meal and champagne toast. Singer Melissa Etheridge performed, with the ceremony ending with a 13-minute fireworks display. The big day reportedly cost the couple around $1 million.

Jon Stewart once asked Jennifer Aniston out on a date

Jennifer Aniston was named by PERSONS as one of the most beautiful women in the world. So it’s no wonder comedian Jon Stewart tried to get his shot in.

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At a performance on The daily News In 2010, Stewart reminded her they shared a romantic Italian meal in New York City. The “Date” took place more than a decade ago. But her memories of the evening were a little different. “I asked you out,” Stewart said. “And it was nice. I remember you brought so many of your friends with you. And I remember thinking, ‘She’s so excited to go on a date with me, she wants me to meet her crew.

But Aniston was a bit perplexed, saying, “If I remember correctly, it wasn’t something like, ‘Hey, a group of us is going out, you want to join us?'” she replied. It was clear that Stewart still has fond feelings for Aniston, as he told her, “You were lovely then and lovely now.” Stewart married former veterinary technician and graphic designer Tracey McShane in 2000. They share two children.

Justin Theroux was blown away by Jennifer Aniston’s fame

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux first met on the set of in 2007 Tropical Thunder. But they only started dating in 2011 when they starred in the movie wanderlustt next to Paul Rudd. “I thought he was so cute and very kind,” Aniston said PopSugar in 2012. “But I remember thinking he was very dark. At first you think he might be like a serial killer, but he’s actually the nicest person alive.”

Although he was a well-known actor and screenwriter when they first started dating, Theroux was stunned by Aniston’s fame. “It’s a bit like going to a slightly different height,” he said GQ of their relationship in 2013. The couple got engaged in 2012 after a year of dating but waited three years to tie the knot. “We want to make it easy when it’s perfect, and we’re in no rush, and nobody rushes from a job or to a job,” the morning show actress said the Associated Press in July 2013. “And you know, we already feel married.”

The couple finally walked down the aisle in August 2015. They threw an intimate party at their California home and told friends and family that they were celebrating Theroux’s birthday. Instead, guests got to witness their union. However, less than three years after their wedding, the couple decided to end their marriage.

“In order to stem further speculation, we have decided to announce our split,” said Us weekly in a joint statement in February 2018. “This decision was made mutually and lovingly late last year. “We are two best friends who have decided to separate as a couple but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.”


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