Jennifer Aniston lost much as a lover but gained most as an actress


Jennifer Aniston was never an ordinary person, she’s an industry in her own right as an actress, and if fans want to know about her personal life, she’s a library to describe all about her love, relationships, heartbreak and more.

Aniston’s hit sitcom Friends, which graced home screens in 1994, catapulted her into the limelight. From her fashion and style influence on generations of women to her millions of Instagram followers, she’s been a force of influence for over two decades.

As an actress, the 53-year-old has received numerous awards, and her love life also captivates fans. Many of Aniston’s previous relationships were with other celebrities, which brought even more of a spotlight on the men in her life.

The entertainer’s first romance story to hit the tabloids was with fellow actor Tate Donovan. The Upside star admitted to InStyle magazine that he had never seen Friends and didn’t really know them. After three years of dating, the couple became engaged in 1998 but split soon after.

After the split, Donovan joined the cast of Friends as Joshua Burgin, Rachel Green’s love interest. The split caused conflict on set and resulted in Donovan’s character only lasting six episodes.

Following her romance with the OC grad, Aniston began dating Brad Pitt after they were set up by their respective agents. Branded as a power couple, they were considered one of the most successful Hollywood marriages at the time.

The celebrity duo split in 2005 after five years together as a married couple, which definitely sparked some controversy as Brad quickly moved on with fellow Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie.

Justin Theroux, on the other hand, is her latest serious romance. The two met on the set of Tropic Thunder in 2007 but only started dating years later after co-starring in 2019’s Wanderlust.

Theroux and Aniston married in 2015 but announced the end of their relationship two years later.

Even after the split, the two have remained good friends and have reunited on many occasions. The Leftovers alum posted a thoughtful Instagram on the cake star’s 50th birthday in 2019, writing, “Happy Birthday to that fierce woman.

The Friends alum has been candid about her love life over the years. The actress opened up about ex-Daniel McDonald, who sadly passed away in 2007, in a 2015 interview with The New York Times, noting that he could have been “The One” had she been older and wiser. “He was my first love – we were together for five years. He would have been the one,” the Emmy winner said at the time. “But I was 25 and I was stupid. He must have sent Justin to make it up to me.”

Though Aniston and Pitt enjoyed much of their time in the Hollywood spotlight, they did an average few things like everyone else. “It’s like the ups and downs of every relationship,” she told Vanity Fair in 2005.

On one occasion, Aniston has responded to questions about the infamous love triangle between her, Pitt and Jolie.

“[My therapist’s] The main focus is that you are a victim for a day – and that’s it. Then we take responsibility for our own input. Relationships are made up of two people; everyone is responsible. A lot goes into a relationship that comes together and a lot goes into a relationship that breaks up,” the Marley and Me star told Vanity Fair.

Jennifer Aniston’s mentality definitely paid off. Since her time on the hit show, she has starred in a number of notable projects, including her acclaimed role in the film Cake and her recent award-winning performance on The Morning Show.

Aniston’s fans still believe she has the potential to create beautiful new beginnings, even though we can’t see it right now.


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