‘Jennifer Aniston Neuron’ triggers brains when looking at pictures: Scientists


Neuroscience is having a mainstream moment thanks to America’s dear friend.

TikTok discovered the “Jennifer Aniston Neuron” – a single brain cell that is “activated” by photos of the actress – and ignited a viral moment for the surprisingly complex concept.

The scientific community has long recognized that Aniston inspired something far more exhilarating than “The Rachel” hairstyle. This celebrity-focused brain was first discovered when neuroscientist Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, then at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, published a landmark study about it in 2015.

But on Wednesday afternoon, more than 285,000 TikTok users suddenly knew the legitimate scientific effects of the “Friends” star a now viral video about it, posted by neuroscientist – and digital content creator – Dr. Ben Rein.

“There is scientific evidence that there is likely a neuron a cell in your brain activated by all these photos, ”says the bearded scientist from Palo Alto, California, in the clip – originally posted on October 7th but tweaking the brains of pop culture fans – as photos of the actress flash in the background.

Wow, no wonder The Morning Show star’s acclaimed career – and his “damn good” body – 27 years after America fell in love with her as Rachel Green on NBC’s iconic sitcom About a Group of Friends had so strong continues to live in New York.

Does this photo of Aniston on the red carpet do something to your brain? The chances are good, says Rein.
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In the original natural article, of course who announce their Aniston discovery, Quiroga’s team formulated the finding more scientifically as “various images by Jennifer Aniston triggered a reaction in a single neuron in the medial temporal lobe”.

Rein, who has more than 500,000 followers on TikTok, further explains the results of Quiroga’s research study, including that “certain brain cells represent or code certain things, such as the identity of a person or an object”.

Jennifer Anniston Tiktok Neuron

Most of the brain cells, unsurprisingly, were found in areas of the brain associated with memory.

“If you know who Jennifer Aniston is, you probably have one such Jennifer Anniston neuron, but that one neuron isn’t in the exact same place in every brain,” said Rein, who doubles as an Instagram influencer and a regular contributor to Good Morning America and ABC News programs.

“There are probably several, maybe hundreds, of cells that encode information about Jennifer Anniston, and that cell is likely to interact with those cells,” he continued. “The brain is not quite simple enough, where it says one cell for one thing. Neuroscience can be pretty cool. ”

Quiroga – now based at the University of Leicester, UK – has continued his study with the 2017 book “The Forgetting Machine: Memory, Perception, and the Jennifer Aniston Neuron”.

Aniston representatives have not responded to The Post’s request for comment on her newfound role as a scientific influencer.

This picture of Jennifer Anniston is likely causing a very specific reaction in your brain right now.
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