Jennifer Aniston of friends about her dating rumors with David Schwimmer reveals that she wrote “I thought you were on a break” texts


Jennifer Aniston says it was funny learning about David Schwimmer dating rumors (Photo: Instagram)

Friends: The Reunion revealed some interesting stories from the days when the cast was filming for the original show. Although fans loved every part of the reunion, the high point of the special was when David Schwimmer confessed to having a crush on co-star Jennifer Aniston. Recently the actress rejected “We Are the Millers” reports that said they are actually together. Now the Hollywood beauty remembers the time she found out about dating rumors and it’s funny.

A few days ago, the actress talked about doing odd jobs before working for a quick buck on the television sitcom Friends, and revealed that she was a bike messenger in New York City for a day and also worked for an advertising agency.

Jennifer Aniston, currently on The Morning Show, recently sat for an interview with Marie Claire Australia, addressing her connection rumors with David Schwimmer and saying, “This is really funny. I just said, ‘I hadn’t heard a word about it.’ Honestly. I got a couple of text messages from people saying, ‘I thought you were taking a break LOL.’ And I kept saying, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then I went online to see what was happening and thought, ‘This is the funniest rumor I’ve never heard and it got shot down in no time.’ “

It’s likely that people believe that two stars need to be together in real life as well, as their chemistry was felt to be natural on the show, but to everyone’s disappointment, that just isn’t the case with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

The actress recently responded to the dating rumors in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight and said, “That was bizarre. I couldn’t really believe that. How really? This is my brother! But I still understand. It just shows you how hopeful people are that dreams will come true. “

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