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Jennifer Aniston Updates: Jennifer Aniston’s lovely dog ​​Chesterfield confiscated her IG account on Wednesday to promote a LolaVie item.

When his mother unpacked a package with the “Perfecting Leave-In”, a conditioning mist for the leave-in, the pretty puppy snuggled tightly and lovingly to her.

In the Instagram post, Aniston said, along with a picture of her, “It’s HERE.”

“I am very happy to introduce you to our second @lolavie product, the Perfecting Leave-In. I can’t wait for you to try this. “

Jennifer praised her supporters for “all the Lola Love” and said the goods were “vegan” and “free from animal cruelty”.

During Aniston’s IG video, the popular Kinks song “Lola” was playing in the background. She was seen kissing and cuddling with her cute dog.

Fans flocked to the post to express their admiration for Jennifer’s newest product along with her adorable dog. One fan praised the “great and fantastic stuff” while also expressing his “obsession” with Chesterfield. The fans laughed and said that they need Chesterfield in their daily life as it makes them feel happy.

Jennifer Aniston revealed Hair product


Jens LolaVie collection was only recently launched. And the star recently released an anti-frizz spray as well. In an interview with, the newly discovered grooming entrepreneur gave more information about the company’s products as well as details about her grooming routine. She expressed that she wanted the first few items to be versatile, like a Swiss Army knife.

The dog mom went on to explain to the publication that her glossing detangler and perfecting leave-in are significantly further than their titles suggest. In addition, they improve the consistency and reduce hair split and breakage while simplifying the hair routine.

the FRIENDS The actress discussed the use of the products. She revealed that she immediately used the Glossing Detangler out of the shower and brushed through, which helps maintain the structure of the hair.

Jennifer then went on to explain that she’ll style her hair with the Perfecting Leave-In later. She added that shampoos and conditioners will “absolutely go down,” in addition to the slow introduction of items.

Well, people can’t wait to see more of Jennifer’s new beauty lineup and cute doggo clips. And everyone wishes her all the best for her upcoming success!

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