Jennifer Aniston reveals she’s open to dating again


The ‘FRIENDS’ superstar, Jennifer Aniston recently appeared on Bruce Bozzi’s podcast SiriusXM’s lunch with Bruce. While you might be expecting a little chat here and there, Bruce immediately showed up and asked Jennifer if she was with anyone.

To everyone’s surprise, the actress sincerely replied, “I’m not dating anyone at this point.”

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Back in the dating world

In further conversations that revolved around whether the star from “The Morning Show” is open to dating or not, the American openly mentioned that she actually was.

“I think I could get there.” It is understandable that you wouldn’t just dive into the dating scene without having preconceived ideas about what you want. Jen is the smart woman she is and shows that she has a good idea of ​​the type of man she wants to date.

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The 52-year-old has seen the world and got to know enough and more people to know that you shouldn’t rely on anything superficial. While listing the qualities she would like to see in her ‘guy’ who, by the way, is super cool and practical, she said she doesn’t have exaggerated expectations.

Preferences? Let’s see.

“The ease with which the conversation goes the first time is a good indicator of the person. Confidence, yes, but not the cocky kind. Humor, please or please, please.

Generous, very important, kind to people, you know, there are very few necessities, ”said Aniston. For anyone who says that the first kiss “doesn’t matter”, Aniston has something important to say.

“I feel that the spark of the first kiss is important. I like to feel safe and comfortable around someone. “

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Jennifer is known for looking after her health, fitness, and how to handle the most important asset, which is her body. “Health and fitness are extremely important. I don’t mean what you look like. No. You should be able to live and eat healthily. “

After the whole Covid-19 thing the world had on its neck, it only seems fair and ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. “At 80, I don’t want to be in a wheelchair. I want to be awake, meet people and I want someone who thinks the same way. “

Is he your lobster? They say no.

Recently there were rumors everywhere suggesting a romantic perspective with Aniston and David Schwimmer. Fans were thrilled when they expected that ‘Ross and Rachel’ would actually be something. However, none of them made a comment that corroborated this unsubstantiated speculation.

Jennifer, who is the funny person she is, laughed hysterically at this and said that David is like a brother but she understands how much fans like it when their fantasies and dreams come true.

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All first after last

Jennifer split from her second husband, actor Justin Theroux in 2018. Since then she has not been out with all the love affairs. Talking to Bruce showed that she was enjoying her alone time and loving being her own wife.

She announced that no one was on her radar at the moment. However, she is not against being with someone, sharing her space and feeling the spark of all “first” people again. “I think it’s time. I think I am ready to share myself with someone else. “

Not to get high hopes, but fans are more than happy to see Jen on the whole dating thing again. Who knows, sooner or later they might ever hear anything?


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