Jennifer Aniston says goodbye to the morning show


Jennifer Aniston Updates: Jennifer Aniston, also known as the queen of sitcoms, is hugely popular with audiences. She worked on the world famous sitcom series “FRIENDS”. Everyone adored her role as Rachel Green on the show.

She recently worked on a very popular show, Morning Show, and as we know, nothing lasts forever. She too has to leave the show because of the end of her character in the TV series.

Every character has been given a proper ending, it seems like she has to end this one too.

She notified everyone about the Instagram post and the post was very emotional that she was crying in the photos and also made them all cry on the set and also her fans had cried after reading the caption and seeing photos.

In the post she said, “Goodbye to my @themorningshow family. We made it. Crept to the finish line … and I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of these extraordinary actors, a crew you can only dream of and directors who held my hand on a pretty wild journey of emotion, to say the least. “She wrote.” Thanks guys for being part of the ride. That’s a wrap, baby!

Jennifer Aniston is leaving the show, see here !!


While sharing these photos and videos, she also shared behind the scenes of the show and set. In the photos we can see her hugging the actors and even little boys and makeup artists.

The FRIENDS actress is a very versatile actress and has always been known for her extraordinary humor.

She was recognized for her character as Rachel Green in FRIENDS. Jennifer Aniston also has a successful film career, starring in such films as Cake, Marley & Me, We’re Millers, The Break-Up, Ferris Bueller, Burning Love, Along Came Polly and so on.

On the show she is leaving, we can’t tell why she is leaving. Will your character die or is it the end of the show? We can’t say anything as there is no trailer for the upcoming season of the show.

But it’s damn sure she won’t leave the show alone because of those emotional moments.


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