Jennifer Aniston shares the hairbrush she uses on straight hair


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  • Jennifer Aniston shared the affordable hairbrush she uses to untangle her curls after a shower.
  • You can buy their go-to for $ 15 Wet brush Pro Flex dry brush At Ever since Jennifer Aniston launched her LolaVie hair care line, the actress has been generously open about how she cares for her curls – and we listen! The latest update comes from one Instagram video in which she demonstrated her new release, the Perfecting leave-in conditioner, but what could be even more exciting is the brush she uses to untangle her hair: an oldie, but a goodie, the Wet brush.

    Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry Millennial Ombre

    More precisely, the Morning show Stern uses the Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry in Millennial Ombre Color variant. After washing her envious Rachel Green locks, Aniston steps in front of the camera for a squirt LolaVies Glossing Detangler. Then comes the Wet Brush to smooth out your knots and tangles in just a few front-to-back movements.

    Next comes the leave-in conditioner (only two pumps!), Which she combs through her hair with her fingers. Then, thanks to the power of the cut, the 52-year-old appears in the next frame with model-like feathered, dry hair ready to be brushed again. For this pass, she uses a different rose gold colored brush.

    The Wet Brush is intended for wet hair, hence the name, and it is equally popular for colored hair and for the gnarled manes of children. Most people love that it is light weight and doesn’t pull at the roots or pull out excess hair. The Flex model is designed to conform to the contour of the scalp, flexing and allowing for seamless brushing.

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    “I have really long, thick hair and I wanted a new brush that would not tear through my hair, even if it was very conditioned, and this one did it !!” An Ulta reviewer writes. “I’m totally amazed how easily it went through my hair without tugging or pulling my hair out !! Highly recommended.”

    Another enthuses: “I have a lot of fine, wavy hair and this is the best brush I’ve ever used! I feel like a lot fewer strands of hair are pulled out each time. And I LOVE that you can use it with the hair dryer! “

    If we know something about Aniston, she knows good products. And this one is no exception.

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