Jennifer Aniston supports girlfriend Courteney Cox in cute Instagram video


If there’s a best pal duo that makes us just as jealous of their bond off the cameras as they are on screen, then there has to be friends Co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. Popular for the iconic roles of Rachel Green and Monica Geller on the hit sitcom Friends, The actors continue to keep the show alive for fans through their genuine friendship.

In her recent BFF Goals ad, Aniston posted a video to her Instagram Stories promoting Cox’s lifestyle brand Homecourt, which she founded in January 2022. The morning show The actress praises the dish soap, hand wash and hand cream her pal created. “I’m obsessed,” says Aniston while testing the hand cream for herself. “Home run on home court,” she says into the camera, before adding a motivational message, “Let’s keep going.”

Cox proudly posted the video to her own Instagram Stories along with the caption: “Jennifer Aniston Approved” and a red heart emoji. In addition to the popular Kitchen Trio, Cox’s collection also offers scented candles and surface cleaners.

Like her former colleague, Aniston also has her own brand: a hair care label called LolaVie. Speaking to Bustle in 2021, the actress admitted she’s been tickled by how iconic her character “The Rachel’s” haircut has become. Reminding fans that such winning looks aren’t effortless, she said: “I’m giggling to myself. Oh my god, if you only knew… You can say it over the years, like, ‘Guys, this isn’t easy.’ Nothing falls from a tree that looks like this. But it’s getting easier and easier. [My hair and I] make peace with each other.”


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