Jennifer Aniston – The Village Idiot


Each of us in life has certainties only to discover that we can be blatantly wrong, as in the case of Jennifer Anistonwho, until she is twenty years old, is convinced that she is not very intelligent, collects suffering and humiliation.

She was born in Los Angeles in 1969 to an actor father and model mother who divorced at the age of eleven. Jennifer immediately struggled with reading and learning during her studies, not only at school but with her as well Acting courses who starts dating at this age but gives her no satisfaction. Whatever she does, she doesn’t feel as comfortable as her friends.

When he finished his theater studies, he made his debut in small productions, but to no avail and the few certainties that he had collapsed withSelf-esteem. So begins to wonder if she is stupid and what is different from others. Her mother and father also treated her with contempt. In an interview he said that one day his parents got up at the table and shouted: “We get up, you have nothing interesting to tell us anyway“. The relationship with the mother has always been complicated, she tells us:

“She was very critical of me because she was a model and was always wonderful. It wasn’t me, never was. She was also very inconsiderate. When I raised my voice I yelled at my mom and she looked at me and burst out laughing. She laughed at me to answer my screams and it was like a punch in the stomach. “

But at the age of twenty he discovered the truth during an eye examination. AND Dyslexic and has a lazy eye. It is a release from those false beliefs about yourself that have ruled your life up to this moment.

Redemption comes immediately, in 1993 he took part in auditions for the television series friends and slip into the role of Rachel, one of the protagonists. The series is so successful that it is produced for ten seasons and is finding its way into households around the world. The rest will become history, many awards and recognitions, will become a world star, even get a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, get married with Brad PittShe became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and beyond. Today she is always on the Wellenberg, self-confident, professionally satisfied and always very beautiful.

The girl who called herself a “village idiot” has become a genius of the world.


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