Jennifer Aniston uses the same secret as Madonna and Cara Delevigne to look young



Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved actresses by directors, writers and fans since her role as Rachel Green in “Friends“. From then on she was nicknamed “America’s Bride” for her charisma and talent in front of the camera, as well as a picture that, thanks to a picture, doesn’t seem to have an expiration date famous addition that doesn’t let up.

It’s about collagen who has become the perfect ally of the 52-year-old actress to rejuvenate her looks. The specialists assure that from the age of 25, 1.5% of the collagen produced by the body is lost annually. Collagen maintains hydration and prevents wrinkles.

Jennifer Aniston came last year as the co-creative director of a wellness supplement brand that has liquid collagen in its lineup. On her social networks, the actress revealed that she uses it as a companion to her breakfast on a daily basis, following the exercise routine she is doing.

Together with the star of “The morning show“As fans of collagen are Madonna or the supermodel” Cara Delevigne. According to experts, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and easiest to find in food, but there are other ways to get it more directly.

There would be more than 20 different types of collagen, with I and II being the most important: The first is found in bones, tendons, corneas, and skin. While the second is in the cartilage tissues. On the other hand, Jens’s current photos and videos show the result of their efforts.


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