Jennifer Aniston’s cameo might be her weirdest role


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Murderville now streaming on Netflix.

There’s nothing TV and movie fans love more than a good cameo. Star Wars: The Book by Boba Fett almost drowned in it at times. Heck, the entire MCU is built on the foundation of a seemingly endless barrage of cameos. But the biggest and most confusing cameo of all time may have just happened during the first season of the new Netflix series Mordville. Notably, Jennifer Aniston made an appearance despite not being on the show.

Part script, part improvisation, Mordville Stars Will Arnett as Senior Detective Terry Seattle. Luckily for him, the borderline incompetent cop has to endure a messy divorce from his own captain early in the series. Each episode, Seattle teams up with a different celebrity to help him solve a murder. Why celebrities like Marshawn Lynch, Sharon Stone and Kumail Nanjiani helped solve homicides has never really been explained.

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A big part of Seattle’s backstory was the 15-year unsolved murder of his former partner, Lori Griffin. She died while investigating a crime that was eventually detailed in Season 1 Episode 6. Terry was so struck by the sudden loss of his partner that he didn’t even clean up her old desk. It stands there, covered in dust and with an age-old breakfast burrito. Seattle could have at least fed Griffin’s pet rabbit. That would have been nice.

Although Griffin is a huge presence in Terry’s life, he never actually appears on the show, not even in flashbacks. But her image has been featured a few times in the form of a photograph on the wall of Terry’s office. And the person in the photo was Jennifer Aniston in a police uniform. That means someone got Aniston to take a single photo to be used in the series as Lori’s only visual identifier.

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Jennifer Aniston has had an amazing career of hit TV series and movies. This includes the now legendary NBC series friends. Her decades-long comedy career has made her one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. As such, her cameo appearance is seen Mordville as a photo on a wall came as a bit of a surprise to viewers of the first season, especially when it was their only tangible contribution to the series.

The interesting thing is that it fits perfectly with the comedy ethos of the series. The guest stars have no script and have no idea what’s about to happen as they make their way through the investigation. The randomness of a photo of Jennifer Aniston on the wall of Terry’s office actually makes sense within the rules of this world. It’s incredibly absurd, but somehow it works as a solid sight gag.

Then again, it’s also kind of impressive that none of the guest stars hinted at Aniston’s oddly subtle presence. Some of them, especially Ken Jeong, had trouble staying in the moment and not laughing too much. However, it’s hard to blame him. In his episode, it got pretty ridiculous. The big question will be whether Aniston will be more involved in Season 2. Who knows? Maybe Lori Griffin will turn out to be alive.

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