Jennifer Aniston’s dogs have the best Halloween costumes


Jennifer Aniston she makes sure dogs have the perfect Halloweenwhich of course means getting them their own costumes to wear ahead of time fur-Increasing vacation.

That friends Alum, 53, showed off her puppies’ adorable costumes on Instagram FridayOctober 28th, and the adorable video is enough to keep her fans smiling all Halloweekend.

“Getting Halloween done with Clyde and Chesterfield,” she wrote Friday’s video– which was set to the song “Monster Mash” – starting with a spotlight on Chesterfield, alias Mister Chesterfield disguised as a bat.

In the clip, the white shepherd mix can be seen wagging his tail with a pair of black bat wings while paying a visit to his brother Clyde.

Clyde, a gray Schnauzer mix, wore a pirate outfit for him Halloween costume, which included a black shirt over a long-sleeved red and white striped t-shirt, giving the effect that the pooch had a set of human arms. One of the “hands” also appears to be holding a knife, adding that extra spooky factor.

Of course, a pirate is nothing without his hat, which Aniston puts on her dog’s head in the clip, writing, “The hat is important.”

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But Clyde wasn’t done with just one costume, as the little pooch reappeared after an outfit change. He turned into a horse with a fake plush cowboy on his back.

“Happy (almost) Halloween!!” The morning show Star added at the end of the video that her fans couldn’t get enough.

“Jen I can’t be with you 😍👻 scary dogs are my favorite 🥹,” gushed one of her fans in the comments.

“And the award for best Halloween costume goes to these two guys,” added another person.

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