Jennifer Aniston’s esthetician created this $200 brightening serum


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We had some skin care products forever on our hypothetical wish list. We say “hypothetical” because we don’t even consider them as realistic possibilities. They’re just too expensive. Even when we know celebrities love them, we have so much trouble convincing ourselves that they might actually be worth it.

But what if our skin needs that extra love? Some products have to be really worthwhile, and we know that… but which ones? The choice is the real fight. But when a luxury product is loved by both a stunning celebrity and a large number of passionate reviewers, then we begin to believe that it might actually be worth the price – especially if it means we’re buying a few other lesser products from our skincare shelf can delete . A product that finally convinces US is this serum!

Do you see it!

get that Melanie Simon Skincare Serum C face serum Per $200 at Nordstrom! Free Shipping!

This serum was developed by Jennifer Aniston‘s facial, Melanie Simon. Apparently it already had US Charmed. It is a highly concentrated vitamin C serum manufactured to brighten skin “like nothing else” and provide other anti-aging benefits. We know that a simple description won’t convince you, so we want to tell you what all the reviewers are saying about Nordstrom:

When it comes to serums, shoppers say this is “unlike any others” they’ve tried. They call it “youth in a bottle” and consider it a “super serum”. As one said, “there’s no need to go to the beautician anymore” now that this serum is in her life. They say it “continues like silk” and that their “results were surreal.”

Reviewers say that with this serum they noticed “an immediate huge improvement in the smoothness” of their skin, that it left their face “very smooth, radiant and soft” and that even “fine lines were gone” in less than two weeks. Time. They also note that their “redness has gone down” and that their pores are now “less visible.”

Do you see it!

get that Melanie Simon Skincare Serum C face serum Per $200 at Nordstrom! Free Shipping!

Shoppers also say that this serum even helps get rid of “that feeling of ‘thirst'” in their skin in winter, leaving their complexion “seriously glowing.” They agree that it’s “worth the hype” and “worth the buy,” especially since “a little goes a long way.” They even love the “simple but sophisticated design” of the packaging!

Use this serum, clean the skin and wait until it is completely dry. Apply up to 10 drops to face and neck, then wait 5-10 minutes before applying anything else. This is important as this serum may not mix well with other skincare ingredients. Let it create a glow on your skin that buyers say feels almost powdery. Once it’s no longer slippery, follow up with other steps, like eye cream or moisturizer.

Melanie Simon recommends using this serum once a day, morning or evening, three to seven days a week. We have a feeling that when you finally treat your skin to something this incredible, you’ll feel great after just the first use!

Do you see it!

get that Melanie Simon Skincare Serum C face serum Per $200 at Nordstrom! Free Shipping!

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