Judith Light Emerges to Explain Pat’s Darkness (VIDEO)


Make room for mom!

Starz’s hilariously scathing horror dramedy Glowing Valley gets a little lighter (and even snappier) this week when the gorgeous Judith Light arrives as Pat’s (Courteney Cox) passive-aggressive mother, Joan. And let’s just say a visit from that grandma can be worse than a ghost wandering the halls. Within the first few minutes on screen, the woman manages to insult the Phelps house, praise her own looks and bring up Pat’s affair… to poor husband Terry (Greg Kinnear), who already has a nasty hangover.

Light is always a welcome addition to any show, but in this case she brings with her some very important information that Pat has yet to share with her family. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode “The Squirrel Knew,” Joan – who has agreed to babysit Pat and Terry’s kids over the weekend – begins sharing family drama with Gaynor (Gus Birney), while little brother Jake (Dylan Gage) catches up Grandma’s friend the worst gun safety lesson ever.

The scene sets the stage for more questions from Gaynor about their mother’s unhappy childhood, leading to a revelation later in the episode that will directly impact a certain dynamic once the children return home. And oh yeah, we definitely think Joan’s line about Pat’s bad haircuts is sort of a reference to those Scream 3 bangs.

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