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February Teachers of the Month from Neshoba Central High School are Angie Breland (English Department); Carla Deweese (Mathematics Department); Kim Kilpatrick (Elections Department); Delores Stribling (Substitute Teachers Department); Kip Herrington (Science Department); Joseph Pankey (History Department); and Demarko Morse (Support Staff Dept.). congratulations!


Members of the Neshoba Central High School 2021-2022 Hall of Fame attended an amazing dinner at The Porterhouse in Philadelphia on Wednesday evening, March 9th. All members were present for the festive occasion, including members of the school administration. Many thanks to Porter Frazier for hosting this excellent group of students.


The Philadelphia Rotary Club presented a check to Cody Bryan, director of Philadelphia-Neshoba Country Parks, during their March 7 meeting. Funds come from the club’s annual pancake dinner and will be used to add 9 holes to Northside Park’s disc golf course. Rotary Club President Elizabeth Frohse presented the check to Cody Bryan.


The 2021-2021Choctaw Indian Princess, Shemah Crosby, recently visited Madison Crossing Elementary School where she gave several presentations to the students. about traditional Choctaw culture.

She wore a pretty Choctaw dress with white and purple trimmings and an apron with her beaded crown. The children were excited to see them and very interested in hearing about the tribe’s cultural traditions. Shemah received a gift from the director after her presentations.


March 10th was an exciting day for four students from Neshoba Central! Each of them was presented with a $100.00 check as a reward for achieving a perfect score on the 5th grade political science test. Evie Fortenberry, Samuel Burton, Kaylin Jones and John Walker Garner received checks from their science teachers Robin McClellen, Kriessa Reed, Jamilah Meredith, Krissy Long and Kim Nicholson. NCES Director Tiffany Plott was on hand to congratulate the students.


The State Farm Insurance Player of the Week was Markus Porche, a student athlete from Philadelphia. Markus plays on the Philadelphia Tornados football team and is an exceptional player. Farm Bureau Agent Mattie Hudson presented him with a commemorative T-shirt and plaque. congratulations!


Ruby Jean Thompson-Brazzle is one very proud grandmother! Her grandson, Isaiah Autry, was recently inducted into the National Honor Society at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School. Membership is based on scholarship – a 3.75+ GPA, service, leadership and character. He is also a member of the Junior Beta Club. Isaiah and his mother, Pashen Thompson-Dent, are former Philadelphia residents currently residing in Tupelo. congratulations!


The Academy of Country Music Awards presented their 57th annual awards in Las Vegas. Two very enthusiastic grandparents, Joyce and Bobby Hardy, watched their grandson Michael “Hardy” Hardy as he was presented with the Songwriter of the Year Award trophy. They are so proud of their favorite grandson and his success in his chosen career.


We said goodbye to our daughter Candler Foster and grandson Abbie who have been with us since January 30th. They drove to Jackson on Thursday to meet Bert at the airport and return to Dallas. .

She came to stay on Sunday while I was operated on Monday for a large blood clot in my iliac vein. It was supposed to be an overnight stay and home but I had to stay another night and day. Her husband came on Monday and they took care of Romily and I for a week. He had to go, but Candler stayed and worked from home. She stayed longer than expected due to severe and painful cellulite on my leg.

She was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better caregiver. We know she’s capable but had no idea how amazing she is. Her uncle said, “I guess we can let her cross the street on her own now.” We love her more than anything and are so proud of her. We miss her and Abbie.

I appreciate so much all the prayers and many kind acts of my friends. I believe in the power of prayer. It really helped. Thanks to each and every one of you.


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