Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber and Kanye West were friends, but the brouhaha surrounding his recent fashion show reportedly blew things up


Kanye West has been making headlines again lately, and it’s not because of that West’s ongoing divorce out Kim Kardashian. West’s recent fashion show and the drama that has surfaced in the episode are what has been discussed lately. A few notable stars have since been caught up in the hoopla, including Hailey Bieber. Amid the situation, West fired shots at the media personality, and they’ve since gone viral. Hailey and her husband Justin Bieber have been friends with the rapper for some time, but this conflict has allegedly ruptured that bond, according to a new report.

At his Yeezy runway show last week, Kanye West made the controversial decision to wear a White Lives Matter shirt. Vogue fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson criticized the move, and West later took to social media to snap photos of the journalist’s own fashion choice. Celebrities soon spoke out for Karefa-Johnson, including model Gigi Hadid. And when Hailey Bieber stepped in, she called Karefa-Johnson one of the “sexiest” people she knows, among other things. West eventually chimed in, claiming he spoke to the fashion expert and made up with her. Later, in a social media post (captured by TMZ), he called Bieber “nose job Hailey Baldloose” and published an article about her and Drake in 2016. He also addressed Justin by saying, “Get your girl before I get mad. You seem to be my friend, right[?]”

Yes’ feelings have reportedly not gone down well as TMZ reports that his relationship with Justin Bieber and his wife has been damaged. News outlet sources say the celebrity couple is hurt by the rapper’s comments. The two are said to have been particularly surprised by the statements because Hailey did not verbally attack the Grammy winner when defending Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. Reportedly, Mrs. Bieber also claimed that she had never had a nose job.

Both Justin Bieber and his wife have supported the rapper “Jesus Walks” in the past. In 2020, amid his marital troubles with Kim Kardashian, the Biebers together offered him a shoulder to lean on and even visited him at his Wyoming ranch. Despite all of this, it has been reported that Justin is trying to distance himself from Ye and is supporting his wife at this time.

Kanye West’s fashion show also garnered media attention for another reason. During the proceedings, he addressed the participants and spoke candidly about some of the more personal aspects of his life. That included his Journey to Mental Health and Kim Kardashian’s 2016 Heist in Paris.

Lately, the hot takes that Ye has shared have garnered more than a few reactions. For example, when the star confirmed that he thought friends “wasn’t funny” Courteney Cox responded with an A+ video. West also went viral after revealing his dislike for reading, and read rainbow symbol LeVar Burton shared an honest opinion.

Only time will tell if Kanye West has anything else to say about his recent relationship with Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. And if he does manage to get into any more hot water, it doesn’t look like he’ll get any sort of endorsement from Justin or Hailey Bieber.


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