Kylie fans drag their flimsy bikini company with them



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Fans toast Kylie Swim online for charging high prices for flimsy, gauzy micro bikinis

To be a Kardashian / Jenner means to have an empire. Once you’ve brought out a lip kit, you have to move on to shapewear or skin care or denim, or in the case of Kylie Jenner: extremely small bikinis that fans say are wafer-thin and basically don’t fit a human body.

Despite making a name for herself in lip sets and cosmetics, the Kylie empire has got to grow, which is why the youngest Kardashian has just started two back-to-back companies: Kylie Swim and Kylie Baby, but fans are toasting their new line of swimwear and saying that bikinis are no different as a spider web made of thin material that Kylie spends as a $ 80 swimsuit.

A fan ordered a $ 80 bikini and posted her review on TikTok, highlighting the see-through fabric and sloppy stitching.

The video went viral and fans were shocked that Kylie would bring out such a poorly made product.


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In one (n Instagram post on the Kylie Swim page, the brand says all suits with a “micro” aesthetic fit, but another woman tried on a Kylie swimsuit on TikTok and had to wear it over a black bodysuit because, as you can see, that collection of yellow thongs Disguised as a swimsuit does absolutely nothing to cover up a human body.

Not only does the “suit” leave a lot to be desired, the woman in the video added, “I’m totally disappointed that these are completely see-through.” She also measured the crotch area, which is apparently only 1.5 inches wide.


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By the way, “micro” swimsuits are actually a thing, because I just looked for them on Amazon and you get an almost identical, hardly available swimsuit for it $ 11 on Amazon, despite the fact that Kylie is charging $ 80 for her.

“Kylie designed these for her body. Not the average woman ”, a Redditor has complained. “There is no way I or someone I know can fit in without something slipping out. I really don’t understand why she would bring this out, considering how limited bodies could fit in her. “

Fans also can’t realize that Kylie, a literal billionaire, could get away with making such crappy and cheap products.

“It’s obviously made of super cheap stuff, Kylie is a billionaire and she hasn’t managed to make quality products and pay everyone a fair wage,” wrote another Redditor. “It has clearly made trade-offs and these are made in factories where workers are paid pennies and use cheap, easy-to-make materials. I think she is fully aware of this, but she is mistaken that she thinks that her name alone will make the hits. “

When Kylie started Kylie Skin, the internet has ravaged it online. The consensus was that it was grocery-grade skin care that was sold at a premium to teenagers who love Kylie. Now that Kylie Swim is getting persistent online, you have to be wondering what’s going on in the Kardashian family’s Kylie department because I bought a bra from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS line and a swimsuit from Khloe Kardashians Good American, and both are * * the cook’s kiss **. Something is going on with the Kylie Empire, and hopefully she’ll find out.



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