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I am new to the community and am the director of the New Castle Public Library. I write to share something wonderful that I discovered when I started working here.

Most public libraries have a little corner where the library friends sell used books.

When I heard about our book cellar, I imagined something similar. I was wrong! The first day I visited the book cellar, I felt like a character in a Harry Potter novel. The door opened into a huge room full of books, magazines, puzzles, DVDs, CDs, jewelry, and more!

I’ve decided that our library friends will spin straw into gold. They accept donated books and items, keep them out of the trash, sell them on and use the proceeds for the benefit of our library.

Our friends are always looking for new members and volunteers.

It’s easy to join; Simply request the membership form the next time you visit the library or the book cellar. I stepped in and discovered that I get a free book from the basement every month; Another pleasant and unexpected surprise from our friends.

October 17-23 is National Friends of Libraries Week. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to praise our friends for everything they do to support our library – a valuable community resource – but there will also be special offers in the library.

It is a pleasure to work and be a friend with our friends.

Carly Searcy

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