LeVar Burton accepts the professional wrestler’s challenge for the PBS championship


Star Trek star LeVar Burton accepts the challenge of professional wrestlers

LeVar Burton is known for a lot in this world. From Star Trek to Reading Rainbow to the eventual alignment of Jeopardy! Now he may be known for something else; Wrestling. This whole situation arose when a pro wrestler named RJ City was asked about a PBS designed pro wrestling championship.

City may not be a wrestler that many people know, but while he’s still building his brand, he’s had public arguments with David Arquette. Arquette headlined a film called Ready to Rumble in 2000, a film about two fans of the now defunct World Championship Wrestling Company. During the film’s heyday, Arquette wrestled and won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. It wasn’t a well-received decision that prompted Arquette to make a kind of “comeback” a few years ago and shoot for a documentary.

One of the big focuses of Arquette’s return to wrestling was City. So City has connections and history with celebrity encounters.

Levar Burton accepts the challenge

Burton, accepting the challenge wasn’t just a spontaneous response. City and others began to look forward to the proposed PBS Championship Pledge Drive Challenge.

One of the biggest names is PBS itself, who apparently liked the idea and a tweet about the potential crash.

City has taken a couple of winking taunts to Burton since the Star Trek alum accepted City’s challenge, but it remains to be seen if and what exactly happens. While pro wrestling is staged with a winner and a loser, it’s not exactly “wrong”. The damage these people do is very real, and getting a bump on a wrestling ring is not like falling on a trampoline. It’s a wooden board with a small mat separating that from a person’s back.

Asking a 64-year-old who doesn’t have formal professional wrestling training to take bumps and stains off would be insane. You could also do what Jay Leno did in the 90s and just do little stunts that don’t do much harm.

You could also just do something that is not physical at all.

Either way, it could be very exciting to see Burton mix up in the world of spandex and suplexes.

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