Man accused of stabbing girlfriend in front of friends in Fuller Park


Bail was refused on Thursday for a 40-year-old man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death in front of several witnesses last week.

Latashia Fonville, 26, was attending a party with friends in Harvey last Friday when her boyfriend Renard Wilson showed up and tried to get her to leave, Cook County prosecutors said.

A short time later, the couple, accompanied by three of Fonville’s friends, drove back to Chicago, prosecutors said.

Wilson drank alcohol from a bottle and drove erratically. When they stopped at a gas station, Fonville got behind the wheel and drove the rest of the way to Wilson’s mother’s home, prosecutors said.

The pair began arguing when Fonville demanded that Wilson get out of the car after they got to the 4200 block of South Princeton Avenue, prompting Wilson to stab her repeatedly, prosecutors and police said.

Renard Wilson
The Cook County Sheriff’s Office

Fonville’s friends tried to pull her out of the driver’s seat, but Wilson allegedly held her and they ran to get help, prosecutors said.

When asked by a paramedic what happened when she was taken to a hospital by ambulance, Fonville, who has a child with Wilson, replied, “The father of my child,” prosecutors said. She later died during the operation.

All three of Fonville’s friends identified Wilson to police, prosecutors said.

In an interview recorded by an officer’s body-worn camera at his mother’s home, Wilson said, “She stabbed me and I stabbed her,” according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors described Wilson’s injuries as “minor” and said they were also consistent with injuries caused by “slipping” during a stabbing.

Detectives initially arranged for Wilson to surrender with his attorney, but he did not show up at the appointed time, prosecutors said. He was remanded in custody on Sunday and charged with murder.

Wilson has a history of domestic violence involving Fonville and others, prosecutors said.

Wilson’s defense attorney said his client works in warehouses and appears to be defending himself.

Wilson is expected back in court on February 22.


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